Pulling up the Ladder: New Zealand is a Nation of Immigrants…That Hates Immigrants

Reddit NZ’s header is the ultimate irony. Talented Kiwi entertainer John Clarke had to live in Australia because his humor was considered *too political* in his own country

If you ever wanted to get a feel for the feral racism and xenophobia that pervades New Zealand’s culture, you have to go no further than an immigration discussion on reddit New Zealand.

Bear in mind when you read this that everyone who lives in New Zealand has a history of immigration somewhere in their timeline. Furthermore,  most Kiwis seem to think its their god given right to be able to live and work in other countries and have special treatment over other emigrants there. (Look at the ‘its-not-fair‘ whinging that goes on in  in New Zealand whenever the UK or Australia change their residency/citizenship requirements).

At some point in recent history, all NZ’s residents owe their existence to a seat on a boat or plane. The irony is that people emigrate to New Zealand to escape the problems caused by immigration in their own countries, without realizing that New Zealand doesn’t really want them – just their wealth – and it hates immigrants of every creed and color.

The stimulus for the reddit discussion was this article on Stuff.co.nz Duncan Garner: Packed to the rafters, an expensive addiction to immigration

immigrant hatred

The screen shot above sums up the sentiment of Kiwi redditors to Duncan Garner’s article,, here are some more…

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6 thoughts on “Pulling up the Ladder: New Zealand is a Nation of Immigrants…That Hates Immigrants

  1. You know the harassment is bad when a wall is built, and a bank loan happens, and the police don’t care, and a newspaper reports on it …
    Tormented man builds wall around home
    Last updated 15:09, May 18 2017


    Huntly man Niraj Bahadur is having issues with kids throwing rocks at his house and making racist remarks.

    A Huntly man says harassment from neighbourhood kids has caused his life to spiral out of control.

    The man has resorted to building a solid breeze block fence in front of his property to form a compound.

    Niraj Bahadur says he’s been racially abused, had rocks and other objects thrown through his window and against his house. The attacks have been happening since March and Bahadur also says a group of kids, under 16, have challenged him to fight.

    Niraj Bahadur contacted Stuff in a last ditch effort to appeal to the kids and the community of Huntly for the …
    Niraj Bahadur contacted Stuff in a last ditch effort to appeal to the kids and the community of Huntly for the harassment to stop.

    “They started making racist comments, ‘you Indians go back to your country’.. we are not from India anyway.

    “The next step was they pulled the goat away, I went and interrupted them and got the goat back and they wanted to have a fight, they came all around my fence.”

    Bahadur moved from Fiji a decade ago to Huntly West where more than 30 per cent of residents are under 15 and almost 50 per cent of families with children consisted of one parent.

    Niraj Bahadur wants the harassment from a group of neighborhood kids to stop.
    Niraj Bahadur wants the harassment from a group of neighborhood kids to stop.

    The stress has led to him resigning from his retail job and being admitted to hospital.

    Bahadur contacted Stuff in a last ditch effort to appeal to the kids and the community of Huntly for the harassment to stop.

    He said things became heated during one incident when the group was egging him on for a fight.

    Ad Feedback

    “They were coming inside my property and I picked up wood and I said, if you come near then you’ll see some fun.”

    Now the 36-year old Fijian Indian man is stuck with a $20,000 loan to fund a fortress-like fence for the security of his wife and three children aged 9, 8 and 6-years old.

    “I couldn’t afford it but for the safety, I had to… I want to know who will feed my family now.”

    Attempts have been made to resolve the situation with the family of the children.

    But the most frustrating aspect of the situation was the lack of police intervention, he said.

    He admitted making several 111 calls during each incident, but Bahadur said the operator told him if other non-emergency calls were made, he would be charged.

    “I blew up with the frustration because of the safety concerns.”

    Officer in charge at Huntly police station, Andrew Brosnan, said there had been no action taken by police following the incidents.

    “He has rung in a few jobs and we have attended, unfortunately we haven’t been able to identify any kids.”

    Well … those kids learned what their parents/schools/peers taught them and carry out those actions to be “properly integrated” in their society … maybe that’s a way for them to feel a sense of belonging? Plus if the guy and his family leave, the criminals can use the house for free … it’s certainly sending a message to law-abiding people, when criminals go unpunished.

  2. Related to the hypocrisy of
    (Look at the ‘its-not-fair‘ whinging that goes on in in New Zealand whenever the UK or Australia change their residency/citizenship requirements):
    Cost of study in Australia to triple for NZers
    2:38 pm today
    John Gerritsen John Gerritsen, Education Correspondent
    @RNZeducation john.gerritsen@radionz.co.nz
    Australian plans to triple the fees New Zealanders pay to study at Australian universities have angered Kiwis living there and upset the New Zealand government.
    Overnight, the Australian government announced higher education cuts and changes, including a decision to stop subsidising enrolments by New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents from the start of next year.

    Those students would be charged the same fees as international students, pushing the amount New Zealanders pay to study in Australia from about $7000 a year to more than $25,000 a year.

    However, New Zealanders would get access to the Australian student loan system.

    An Australian government document said about 20,000 New Zealanders and Australian permanent residents were enrolled in Australian institutions and the change could encourage about 60,000 more to enrol because they would be able to borrow money for their fees.

    Prime Minister Bill English said the government was unhappy with the Australian plans, which had come as a surprise.

    “Gerry Brownlee will be visiting Australia in the next week, talking to the foreign minister and conveying our unhappiness about it and that we want a serious discussion with them about where they’re headed with this policy rather than announcements made without telling us or at short notice,” Mr English said.

    He said the position of New Zealanders in Australia should reflect the traditional relationship between the two countries.

    LOL, I’ve heard “Asians have nothing in common with New Zealanders” … in the same vein, looks like New Zealanders are being recognised by Australians … as citizens of another country, shock, horror!

  3. Safe from New Zealand is completely right still not wanting to defend any anti immigrant or racist commentary from majority of people in this country there is no denying that anger here is all too real. That NZ government has openly allowed certain industries to use immigration laws as way to further lower wages and as result future proof their businesses. Most of time they make out labour shortages but when most of industries claiming this are business with low skilled jobs that require minimum job training you have question how much of what they are saying is real and how much more of it is really excuse to bring in cheap overseas labour into this country at expense of people living here who are just as capable of doing it if standard of pay wasn’t so poor. Just look at food industry in this country especially fast food industry. Per population NZ has more fast food outlets than anywhere else in world surpassing even America, which you have to admit is kind of ironic in of itself. None of this would be possible if wasn’t for relaxation of laws in late 1990s, early 2000s that allowed international students to work here while studying. What that effectively did is allow already noticeably corrupt countries such as India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos, China. etc to set up number of dummy ‘institute of learning centres’ for their own people come here and work and that’s the ones we know about legally. There are also number of other scams we’re not told about. NZ Government literally won’t do anything about it as it better for business if they let this continue. Meanwhile close to half million people live on poverty line with another million who can only afford to live week by week. What’s even worse now is that this same what good for business is good for New Zealand mentality is also starting to target more and more middle class jobs. One of newest trends in global businesses is this thing called inside outsourcing where large corporations bring people from overseas to replace people at their job. For example in Canada recently Royal Bank Of Scotland fired everyone working as tellers and clerks at there branches and replace them with people from Philippines. This sort of thing is already starting to happen in New Zealand and you’re seeing it not just in finance industry but also computers, communications, public broadcasting, the list goes on. This whole country is being sold under us by it weak and ineffective government who is either too afraid or too corrupt or complicit to do anything about it to stop it happening. That why you want to come here, take this as both warning but gentle reminder, please don’t and for those of you still here, get out while you still can. Whatever going to happen to this county in future one thing I can tell you from thirty plus years I’ve been forced to live here, it’s going to get alot, lot, lot worse before it gets better … :-S

  4. The average Kiwi still remaining in New Zealand, largely because he is too unskilled or too stupid to realise he could do much better for himself abroad, fails to comprehend that the world’s most dynamic and pleasant places make themselves appealing and welcoming to talented, entrepreneurial, and aspiring people from elsewhere. The vitriol against migrants is laughable, particularly because New Zealand would come to a standstill without the countless migrant doctors, nurses, engineers, and construction workers.

    It is good that E2NZ calls it like it is and perhaps dissuade credulous migrants from making the journey to Retardicon 6. Other places are far more welcoming and have better opportunities for migrants. Why suffer abuse and privation in New Zealand when one can do better elsewhere.

    • I wonder how many Kiwis stay in the country, because they can get large welfare payouts, while living in a culture that is completely accepting of people being bludgers and sponging off the system. Being on welfare of one kind or another isn’t just a temporary situation for many Kiwis, it’s a full time professional career. Many people learn how to milk the system for all it’s worth, and are receiving payouts LARGER than what they would get if working.

      Welfare in NZ is the single biggest expense the country has (as shown by the budget), and costs more than education and healthcare COMBINED (the second and third place holders. This alone is a pretty clear indication of the priorities of the people and government. Apparently, it is considered more important to keep paying people to sit on their lazy asses and do nothing, than make sure the country ACTUALLY has world class eduction and healthcare systems.

      What this effectively means is that if you are a lazy no hoper who doesn’t want to work, NZ is a great country for you. But, if you actually want to work for a living, and expect to get PAID for your effort, you are better off elsewhere.

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