Dangerous NZ: Bomb Alerts, School Bus Wrecked by Mob Led by Mum, and Another Bus Shot At

Havelock bus attacked by youths

Bad news if you’re emigrating to New Zealand thinking it’s a safe place to raise children, it’s not as safe and crime free as you’ve been led to believe

More than 30 schools were evacuated en masse in the last 2 days after a spate of bomb threats. A school bus has been wrecked by a marauding gang of kids led by a mother, and another bus has been shot at.

A gang of armed youths and a woman assaulted a bus driver and used weapons to smash a school bus’ windows in Havelock North yesterday. The group tried to invade a bus carrying 30 pupils from from Hastings Boys High School, the driver was injured as he tried to fight them off. The assailants fled but

came back carrying weapons, including knives, when they smashed windows on the bus. Police say the group, which acted with a “pack mentality”, fled the scene but were found and arrested shortly after. They now face a number of charges including possessing an offensive weapon, wilful damage and assault.” source

Blood splatters were left down the side of the Nimon bus

The man, who was threatened repeatedly and does not want to be named, said a group of four youths and a woman tried to get on the bus when it stopped to drop students off on Te Aute Road, in Havelock North, on Thursday afternoon.

Two 15-year old girls and boys aged 12 and 13 have been charged with inciting violence, assault, possession of offensive weapon. One of the girls is also charged with wilful damage. A mother of two of the children has been charged with threatening behaviour toward the driver…

“From what I understand there had been an altercation between some senior students at lunchtime. I spoke to one of them and told them to just stay in his seat and not to look back at the other guy. Unbeknown to me he somehow contacted his family and they were waiting at the stop to storm the bus,” he said.

“I opened the door to let the kids out and they started coming in. I stood up and said ‘what do you want?’. They said ‘we’re coming to smash that f***‘.  I tried to be quite polite and get them off the bus. In the end I had to give my phone to one of the students on the bus and told him to call police,” he said…When he was alone outside the bus the youths pulled out knives.

“They walked down the back of the bus and said ‘we’re going to slash your tyres‘. I said ‘go ahead’. Then they went up a driveway and grabbed some rocks and threw them through the windows”. “The kids on the bus were pretty scared…” source

In the 10 minutes it took for the police to arrive, the mob left and returned with weapons and continued smashing windows. Two 15-year old girls and boys aged 12 and 13 have been charged with inciting violence, assault, possession of offensive weapon. The youths and their mother, who has been charged with threatening behaviour, will appear in Hastings District Court next week.

Today, a group of high school and primary school students from David Street School and Morrinsville College were shocked after their bus was shot at.

A school bus has been shot at in the Waikato town of Morrinsville. The Greenline Motors operated bus was leaving Morrinsville College yesterday afternoon, starting the drop-off run.

Shortly after departing from the school, a pellet was fired through a window of the bus, TVNZ has reported. source

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