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15 thoughts on “Give us Feedback

  1. I am glad that I came to this website. Its a sum up of all my feelings which were repressed. Its a true manifestation of new Zealand. I was always having two thoughts to stay or leave nz . Now that I am outside of new Zealand and feel that I took the right decision. They have sold the country to wealthy migrants while people who live there are desperately trying to meet their ends. Apart from violence drug abuse job shortages , merger pay sale , pathetic housing, isolation there is no guarantee for future. Rules change on a whim. I come from India I thought I have decided that I cant survive there when I’m old and weak on the pathetic superannuation, plus its so dangerous if you don’t have enough money to live in posh areas. Forget about my kids who will never be able to buy their own homes and have heavy students loans and will be slave to the system forever. Free health care is a myth I am better off taking insurance here in India and be covered. Life will be tough here but at least I can live a life of a first class citizen in my own country, I see thousands of Indian/asian students who take massive loans and come to new Zealand are involved in low level jobs for survival. Girls from good families are giving sex services in adult entertainment column’s in new Zealand herald. So many people have ruined their life’s. Its a play ground for very rich migrants. No matter you work hard on job there will always be a sense of job insecurity.

    • You are so correct ,I think many other Indian people will likely follow your position ,this country refuses to change its policies of ignorance despite the fact that the younger generation don’t want them nor does any migrant from a more civilised country.I have come to the conclusion that much of the problem here lies with the law makers ,judges and lawyers ,the law enforces and the justice system .The system is antiquated and does not serve anybody other than the lawyers etc ,time for a huge systematic change ,nothing to do with a flag.

  2. This website can help someone who tries to decide where to live or who is struggling financially or emotionally in NZ. I am sure not once people were very confused by the way they started to feel in NZ, when they tried to look for a confirmation, they were only abused…so here at least there is a chance for those who struggle to, firstly reassure themselves that they have a right to feel negative about NZ, and secondly they can find some kind of support. There is a lot of true information in here not like in the Internet flow so keep doing a great job. I hope one day NZ will be better place, so you won’t have to keep going. I love the Migrant tales, as I was one of them once…

  3. Yes ,I read yesterday that a woman found a Rats foot in a processed meat sausage ,her son actually had eaten half of the sausage already.The company which is one of the biggest processed meat suppliers in the country claim to have offered the consumer a refund for the sausages and were upset that she was making such a fuss about the situation.
    Shocking that they want to serve somebody a ground up rat to eat and think they can get away with offering a six dollar refund……try six million dollars .

  4. The website is awesome. I enjoying reading the news. Also I agree with lots of stuff that is going on in NZ. I believe that New Zealand is not 100% pure like they think it is, not to mention corruption in NZ. I had a bad time in New Zealand in which i have involved the Authority of Italy and Italian Embassy.

    I love your website, very realistic.

  5. • Get yourself a proper email. There are several that protects your identity, content and tracking as openmailbox, riseup or protonmail.
    • Remove all obstructing and identifying procedures as log ins.
    • Get yourself an anonymous drop-box like Wikileaks.
    • Encourage people to protect their identity by proxies and other means. Not even you should to know who they are. That enables people to speak their mind without risk of harassment from criminals, high-fliers or authorities.
    • Partner with an overseas site that is not restricted by New Zealand law. New Zealand law is one of the most restrictive in the world against free speech. It must be run by, and hosted, by someone outside New Zealand that can not be harassed to silence with legal threats or intimidation. We suggest Kiwiherald. Run by Expat Kiwis in the US from the US.

  6. I like this website. It promotes critical thinking. I would never thought there would be so many issues in the land, first of all cultural and personal freedom issues. People are closeted, in everything, even making friends with new immigrants, and this often manifests itself in rude behaviour, rude language and violence. I am completely flabbergasted. Whoever invented and built this multivultural melting pot and whoever thinks that this is right and carry on like this forever, just because we are isolated and switched to English, is wrong. We need to stand against New Zealand’s agressive culture, tolerance to violence and ganghood, simply because it’s not right and will never build one country and one nation. We need to do it for New Zealand’s good.

    • Spot on ,the strange thing is it’s getting worse,Dunedin students ,who will be tomorrow’s leaders in this country,now raping beating and bully one another.Forget Lord of the Rings ,this place is much more like Lord of the flies.Its very hard to believe it’s 2016 in N.Z,I’ve given up trying to figure out what’s going on in this place however I have an idea based on the fact that this behaviour doesn’t exist in other countries and neither does,Rugby culture,over aggressive revenue collecting for minor traffic offences by police coupled with virtually no consequences for criminals who commit real crimes against their fellow man,Nanny state government who are not interested in or accountable to the people they are supposed to represent,lack of community consciousness creating social isolation,political apathy ,mass propagander created by state controlled media…….and a few other behaviours particular to N.Z.This is a social engineering experiment gone wrong with serious consequences .This is the result of greedy and unfair policies which make no sense on a human level.N.Z has regressed over the past 30 years to a degree that it will be very difficult to repair .So long as the people of N.Z believe they are the best in the world at everything and continue to deny that there are huge social problems in this country we are doomed to continue on this weird downward spiral.

      • It takes a brave person to stand up in New Zealand. Louise Nicholas is one such person and would have been a worthy winner of New Zealander of the Year. I did read some criticism that she was nominated. It is hard to believe that in the 1990’s packs of Cops were going around raping young women. If you saw it in a film you would think it was far fetched, but it was an actual reality here in NZ.

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