Jeremy Clarkson: On the New Zealand Gravy Train – updated

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson has some choice words about New Zealand and Waiheke island. Prepare for the  backlash.

Ex-Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has written a series of tweets about a Daily Mail report that he demanded a helicopter to get him some gravy while he was in New Zealand

Here’s what he said:

According to the Mail, I once demanded a helicopter to get me some gravy. Where do they come up with this nonsense?

To be clear, I’ve also never demanded a game of monopoly or a Range Rover so I could “look at it”

The story seems to be coming from a Kiwi who’s promoting his business by making stuff up about the people who use it.

My advice to anyone wishing to visit Waiheke Island is: don’t.

I did ask the helicopter pilot if he’d get me a game of Risk (ed. no doubt a reference to the NZ adventure tourism industry?). Much better than Monopoly. He offered to get gravy as well. I declined.

It wasn’t while we were filming for the BBC though. So none of you should be that bothered.

The Mail’s report was based on an article in the New Zealand Herald, in which Ed Coutts (the ‘kiss and tell’ owner of a Waiheke island business) spilled the beans about celebs who’d stayed on the island…and gosh! the article also happened to be adorned with pictures of the rooms they’d stayed in.

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