E2NZ Has Invite to Guest Blog about the Migrant Experience in New Zealand



Your chance to help E2NZ guest blog

E2NZ.org has been invited to guest blog on another site.

We’re asking our readers if they’d like to be involved and for them to submit transcripts to be incorporated into a guest blog, if we decide to take up the offer.

E2NZ.org is your forum, its only fair that your words should be used. Many people in NZ don’t realise how tough or different life can be, and it would generate a lot of domestic discussion in New Zealand if you could tell us about your experiences.

The site that sent the invite is written in New Zealand and has a large readership.

Please leave your comments and transcripts below. They will not be made public on this thread. Your personal details will be kept confidential and not released to a third party.

If there are no suitable responses or submissions from you we will decline the offer.