10 Year Old Girl Pepper Sprayed During Routine Traffic Stop, NZ Still a Great Place to Raise Kids?

10 year old amy pepper sprayed in NZ

10 year old Amy’s mother posted the pictures on her Facebook page.


Laudafinem.com wrote : It was all a terrible accident (police) said. It would not have happened if Amy’s father had not been so “Violent”, having “resisted arrest” they said. But interestingly what they also said was that Amy’s dad was “Known to police”...Now anywhere else in the world the term “known to police” would undoubtedly be given to mean that Amy’s father was in fact a “known criminal” who had caused problems, or that police had in fact perhaps been “looking for the individual as a result of their inquiry’s”. Not in New Zealand however…it’s pure police hyperbole, a rhetorical device the Kiwi police use often when attempting to colour one of their victims in a negative light.

Amy’s father has made a habit of taking on the local authorities in recent weeks, police included, for some reason or another. What’s more his actions appears to have been warranted.

Illegal road blocks: The truth is that Jack “Blu” Kira, if the material available online is accurate, has over the past month or more had a few run ins with the local cops and has managed to get a Bee in his bonnet about the police abuse he and other Maori have suffered recently at the hands of police…

It seems that Mr Kira has been filming police at random traffic stops for some weeks.

Perhaps this is what police were referring to when they said that Kira “was known to police”. The fact is that that much was true, Mr Kira was indeed known to the local police force who pepper sprayed his ten-year old daughter, but not because he had broken any laws, nor because he had likely resisted arrest…

From what we can see all Kira has in fact done, wisely or not, is seemingly challenge the police officers on the legality of their so-called roadblocks, random stops and other arrogant behaviour.

Kira has also by all accounts asked these same police officers, those stopping him and manning road blocks to identify themselves on numerous occasions, requests which in all but one case have either been laughed at, ignored or simply not acknowledged, one officer even threatening to arrest him on one of these earlier occasion… read the full article here

A 10 year old girl has been caught in the cross-fire as police pepper sprayed the occupants of a car during a routine traffic stop in Whakatane.

The girl’s mother, Tiwaiwai Teepu, posted a picture on Facebook of her daughter Amy (who had her 10th birthday a few days ago) receiving hospital treatment with drains attached to her eyes.

“Amy pepper sprayed because they missed Blue in the driver’s seat shot Amy in the back of the truck” she wrote,  “Burnt face contact lenses hooked to her to help wash with hospital water??? Go to optometrists in the a.m.”

One person wrote on Tiwaiwai’s page:

This ain’t cool man.. not cool at all.. expose this behaviour.. and don’t forget what happened previously with whk police where off duty police office shit dog with a arrow and got off..well not this time.. overhanded behaviour which eventuated in a 10 yr innocent girl being peppersprayed? Why?! Post the vid up Tiwaiwai Teepu..

According to news reports a routine traffic stop got out of hand when a police officer tried to seize the driver’s keys:

The incident occurred when a male driver of a car was stopped on Friday and a police officer asked for his details. The young girl was sitting in the car. The man, who is known to police, allegedly refused and tried to drive off.

The officer tried to remove the keys from the ignition, but the man wound up the window and trapped the officer’s arm. The officer managed to free their arm but broke the window in the process. This sparked a violent response from the driver, who allegedly punched the officer several times before he was pepper-sprayed and arrested.

The girl was accidentally pepper-sprayed during the arrest…

Also in today’s news, we learn that a top secret documents detailing confidential informants’ information were ‘accidentally’ sent to the criminals they were investigating:

Police mistakenly release top secret documents

Crack crime-fighting unit sent top secret files to the very criminals they were investigating.

It includes lists of people being watched by police, mobile phone numbers covered by interception orders, car registration details and a raft of other information…

The stunning bungle saw the information copied and widely circulated among gang and methamphetamine-producing circles and led to police taking emergency steps to protect those exposed by the blunder.

Last night, Assistant Commissioner Malcolm Burgess said the information had been mistakenly included in material sent to a lawyer acting for someone arrested in an investigation by the Organised and Financial Crime Agency of NZ (Ofcanz).

“Police deeply regret this mistake, which was the result of human error. Steps were taken to recover the information as soon as police were aware of the error… read on

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  1. N.Z police at work,the guy they pulled over was known to police,not wearing a seatbelt so they shot pepper spray into the car, I’m sure it was to protect him from the dangers of being thrown through the windscreen in case of an accident ha ha like they care ,I wonder if it occurred to them to go to his house later when he’d cooled down after all ,he was known to them ! They’ve seen to many episodes of the U.S show cops and want to make a drama out of what was a benign situation,typical idiot kiwi bringing his own insecure personality to work and inflicting it on the general public,It was reported on Radio N.Z today that when the family went to the police station to file a complaint about the officer a front desk staffer sought out the officer who then tried to threaten and intimidate the family into dropping their complaint.Apparently the officer threatened to lock them up if they continued with their complaint against him,I have personal experience with cops threatening me with being locked up over a trivial matter ,I requested a conversation with my lawyer ,when I did this the cop said we can take you to jail right now,funny it was over a malfunction with a diesel pump causing the service station owners to call the cops and say that I drove away without paying for the fuel any way blah blah ,don’t give the cops guns is all I can recommend .

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