The New Immigration Policy is “Unlikely to Boost” Regional NZ

NZ migrants

Migrants for the regions. No jobs but they still want your money.

A few weeks ago we warned about the NZ government’s latest scheme to attract more migrants to New Zealand by giving them extra points for going to the regions, despite there being very little work available outside the major centres of population. Read:  Beware the new points system for “migrants for regions” July 2015…

More points does NOT mean more jobs.

As most people will tell you, the reason why a quarter of New Zealand’s population live in Auckland is because that’s where most of the jobs are. The remainder are chiefly in Wellington and (rebuild work) in Christchurch.

Why then is the NZ government about to award migrants extra application points if they apply to live in the provinces where there are no jobs, generations of families living on unemployment benefits and no infrastructure to support job creation?… read on

Today, documents released under the Official Information Act have revealed that the government was advised that its ‘migrants for regions’ proposal was unlikely to help regional development; leaving the scheme looking like just another coffer-filling cash-grab.

Believe it or not, migrants are currently going where the work is, despite the government trying to get them to unload their life savings into the sticks.

In a poorly written report by the NZ Herald we learn…

“…the increased bonus points on residency requests was announced on July 26. Under the revised scheme, skilled workers who take jobs in the regions or set up businesses there will have their points to calculate whether residency requests should be approved increased.

However, the July Treasury briefing to Mr English had warned the policy changes were unlikely to have a consequential impact for regional development. The Treasury briefing said most migrants currently didn’t go to non-urban areas.

If you’re looking to bump-up your points by working in the regions you may like to ensure you have a work contract signed and ready to go before you liquidise your assets.

Better still, head for where the work is and where your skills are needed. That doesn’t necessarily have to be in New Zealand. If you’re good enough to get in to NZ, where else may be looking for someone of your calibre? Don’t sell yourself short.

Ask yourself why a country the size of New Zealand only has a little over 4 million inhabitants and why 1 million Kiwis live overseas. Surely the full signs should have gone up decades ago?

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If you ever wondered why the investor schemes are dead in the water (the investor schemes have flat-lined, 26 people entered on Investor Plus last year and 155 on the Investor visa) our guess is that the super rich get better value for their bucks elsewhere in the world than little-old homely New Zealand. In a NZ Herald report on fresh research from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment into ‘super rich migrants’ we learn…read on


One thought on “The New Immigration Policy is “Unlikely to Boost” Regional NZ

  1. Well … here it comes:
    Policy changes may see other New Zealand cities and towns become just as diverse as Auckland is presently.

    Projections show that Hamilton City, in 2038, will be just as diverse as the Auckland of today – except with a higher Maori population of 28 per cent.

    The European group will drop from 70 to 59 per cent, but Asians will increase from 14 to 23 per cent and Pasifika from 5 to 10 per cent.

    New immigration measures, designed to get immigrants to settle outside Auckland came into effect this month.

    Skilled migrants get triple bonus points and entrepreneurs double if they worked or set up businesses in the regions.

    Now, how do you cheat a new migrant?
    – Keep them without an employment contract
    – Pay them under minimum wage
    – If they complain, use the close-knit community to tarnish their reputation
    – Isolate and gaslight, telling them “this is not the Kiwi way”
    – Have nothing in writing

    To all the new migrants:
    – Get ready to start recording things and writing things down. Keeping notes is legal. Be prepare to strike out on your own. And never sign anything before thinking on it and consulting other people you trust (or even imgur it and post it on the Internet and reddit for opinions)
    – Make sure your jobscope doesn’t cover things which you are not allowed or unqualified to do – that would jeopardise a professional license
    – Have a paper trail of what instructions you were given and when
    – Never respond to provocation with insults – sometimes people are looking for a reason to give you the bash (and macho culture may be it)
    – Leave any area if you feel threatened, don’t try to think about “face” with people who are using that as an excuse to make you stick around and get in trouble

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