Beware the New Points System for “Migrants for Regions”

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More points does NOT mean more jobs

As most people will tell you, the reason why a quarter of New Zealand’s population live in Auckland is because that’s where most of the jobs are. The remainder are chiefly in Wellington and (rebuild work) in Christchurch.

Why then is the NZ government about to award migrants extra application points if they apply to live in the provinces where there are no jobs, generations of families living on unemployment benefits and no infrastructure to support job creation?

Here’s one person already taking the bait, an example of how people will get taken-in by the Migrants for Regions policy (source)


Read between the lines in this article and you’ll see that  Key isn’t sending migrants to the provinces because that’s where they’re needed, he’s hoping that they’ll provide the financial stimulus that Kiwis can’t, or won’t.

As we know, this means new migrants will bring their foreign wealth into New Zealand to buy houses, household and consumer goods, school and university expenses etc. and when their year is up and they’ve not found work because there is none they’ll leave a large proportion their wealth in New Zealand and return home, or head to Auckland where the jobs (and severely overpriced housing) are.Their places will be taken by immigrants paying to take their turn.

It’s like a licence to print money, isn’t it.

This is proposed at a time when Fonterra is laying off hundreds of staff and Westpac may be doing the same. Interest rates are falling, business sentiment and dairy prices are dropping. Now recession is predicted for the New Zealand economy. What better than to fuel a new surge in migration to fill the coffers?

Here an excerpt from the NZ Herald article about the new Migrants for Regions policy. After you’ve read it you may like to read articles tagged Jobs for Kiwis and realise what a swindle it could be.

The Government says a new plan to lure migrants away from Auckland will boost regional economies, but admits it will do little to ease Auckland’s housing pressures.

From November, skilled migrants and entrepreneurs will get incentives through the immigration points system to settle in the regions

“We’re not making it harder to come to Auckland, we’re making it more attractive for people to go around the regions.

“I don’t think it will have a dramatic impact but I think, in the end, the way to resolve the Auckland housing issue is through supply.”

Migrants who gained residency under the new points system would be required to live in the regions for at least a year – longer than the current requirement of three months.

Mr Woodhouse conceded that the Government could not force people to stay outside Auckland permanently.

We can’t capture and keep them there,” he said…


• Bonus points for residency applications raised from 10 points to 30 points for skilled migrants who settle outside Auckland.

• Bonus points raised from 20 points to 40 points for entrepreneurs planning to settle outside Auckland.

• Labour market test for migrants streamlined to give employers more certainty.

• 600 long-term migrants on temporary visas in the South Island given pathway to residence.

• New “global impact visa” to encourage young tech entrepreneurs. source

With reference to that last bullet point about encouraging “young tech entrepreneurs”. Do they mean people like Dean Hall, creator of DayZ,   who presently can’t employ migrants because he’s not willing to pay them a living wage?

Immigration New Zealand says Hall should be paying his software developers $60,000 pa, he says the going rate for Kiwis doing this work is $35,000. But if that were true, why does he need to recruit from overseas? “he’s hoping that they’ll provide the financial stimulus that Kiwis can’t, or won’t. ” Getting the picture?

If you’re tempted to migrate WITHOUT A JOB OFFER on this new points system, quite frankly, you’re heading for a fall. New Zealand’s policies are skilled at separating migrants from their wealth, don’t become a victim.

Alarmed by what you’ve read here? spread the word.

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6 thoughts on “Beware the New Points System for “Migrants for Regions”

      • I really hope not. We plan to bring my wife’s sister here at some point. Not sure if this affects people just visiting but when it becomes clear she intend to stay i wonder if there will be trouble for her.

  1. Dead right. If John Key is really keen to ease Aauckland house crisis offer business in Auckland to relocate. Do not use use less immigration policy points, since there are hundreds of migrants already in the South Island on work visa and seeking PR but not offered. Offer PR to work visa holders who are already here for two to three years.

  2. Outside of a few specifics, this policy of offering more points for those going to other than Auckland has been in effect for quite some time [we got more points for going to other than Auckland in 2006].
    There has generally been an emphasis for populating the less attractive [harder to find jobs, more remote…] areas as there is little to attract migrants [except for extra points] to these areas otherwise.

  3. Anybody contemplating moving to this raw economy should give it a second thought. The bright Kiwis have vacated NZ for better horizons.

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