What is it with the Kaikoura Paedos and Sex Pests? & There’s Still no Sex Offenders Register for NZ

Sex offender

Convicted sex offender: Arthur Samuel Roy Senior

Update:  A man has pleaded guilty to child porn charges in Kaikoura. Read the story here

For a village of under 4,000 people Kaikoura seems to have more than its fair share of paedophiles and other sex offenders.

On the 4th of May a woman in her early 20s was subjected to a sex attack in Kaikoura just after 6pm.

A 19 year old Kaikoura man has just been granted name suppression and remanded on 62 child pornography charges, he’s due to appear in court again on 26 June.

The customs service laid 21 charges against him for importing and exporting objectionable images. In addition, 36 charges of making and disturbing objectionable publications (videos and photos) were lodged by the Department of Internal Affairs. Police laid another 5 charges for making an intimate visual recording of another person.

Meanwhile, a 59 year old Kaikoura  man, is still on remand for 37 sex-related charges.

The man, who had name suppression, is charged with historic sex offences involving three different girls from 1983 – 1993. He’s charged with assault, indecent acts, sexual violation, detaining a person without consent and rape. He’s next due to appear in court on 8 June for a case review.

In December we wrote about the 66 year old Arthur Samuel Roy Senior who was found guilty on 35 charges of rape, sexual violation, sexual grooming, attempted rape, having unlawful sexual connection, indecent assault, making objectionable publications and supplying class C drugs. His prey was teenage girls from around the Blenheim and Kaikoura area. They were aged 15-18 at the time of the attacks. source

No Sex Offenders Register in NZ

If you have children and are emigrating to Kaikoura or elsewhere in New Zealand, you should know that there is no sex offenders register in the country, neither is there record of offenders who’ve moved to New Zealand after being convicted overseas.

However, there are hopes that a sex offenders register may be established eventually if the enabling legislation ever gets passed and if can changes made to the Corrections Act. Presently there is no sharing of information between police, corrections staff and government agencies involved with families and young children. Little wonder that New Zealand has a reputation as a haven for sex offenders.

If the register existed at present a conservative estimate is that there would be 472 offenders registered in the first year, 1541 in year four and 2746 after ten years. source

Meanwhile, concerned parents can access the Sensible Sentencing Trust’s searchable Paedolphiles Sex Offenders Database, it’s not comprehensive, nor is it official. But it’s a darned sight more informative than anything else that exists, given that many convicted offenders in New Zealand have permanent name suppression so they can carry on working (read Name Suppression of Manawatu man condemned by child advocacy group) It’s likely to stay that way for some years yet.

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7 thoughts on “What is it with the Kaikoura Paedos and Sex Pests? & There’s Still no Sex Offenders Register for NZ

  1. Any time I started to watch these, I would wait for things to get better. It never did, just the same blow your brains out depressing story. Never could finish watching, boring, depressing, and too true to be entertaining. You don’t need to watch this on tv, you could just step outside and look at the neighbors or take a drive past some “state housing” areas.

  2. Art IS imitating life I refuse to watch those TV shows and films, because we lived that in real life after moving there. Why revisit the worst nightmare of our lives? No one wants to even hear their accents anymore in this household.

  3. Art imitating life ??

    Heart of the Stag (from the new zealand film archive)


    “On a remote country sheep station a new hired hand slowly uncovers a relationship that no-one could admit to. Like the great stag that he loves to hunt, Jackson rules his farm and family with fierce possessiveness – but his love for his own daughter hast gone too far.”

    “The best New Zealand films (Smash Palace, Bad Blood) all seem to deal with violent family relationships in remote parts of the country.”

  4. Some of the “historic” offences stem from family. In other words, senior family members “groom” their victims. Breaking in the young’uns.

  5. NZ has a history of covering for child sex offenders. Look at the Roast Buster gang for example. Look at the St John ambulance child sex gang as another example. Some parents of child sex crime victims have been gagged and harassed by NZ authorities for reporting sex crimes against their child.

    About a decade ago, the world found out about the child sex crimes on Pitcairn Island. Civilised countries were outraged and demanded justice. One day (hopefully soon), the world will find out about the child sex crimes which have been covered up by NZ authorities, and will demand public justice.

  6. Kaikoura seems to have a problem massive per capita rate of degenerates, as shown by the frequent abuse of defenceless seals.

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