Pull the Other One, John Boy


So much to apologise for...

John Key. So much to apologise for…

From The Guardian

Politicians are routinely upbraided for behaviour befitting a schoolyard, but the New Zealand prime minister has now become embroiled in a controversy that centres, quite literally, on hair-pulling.

On Wednesday morning John Key apologised following allegations by an Auckland waitress that he had repeatedly tugged on her ponytail, a pattern of conduct she regarded as harassment.

Through a spokesperson, the prime minister apologised for the hair-pulling, saying it “was never his intention to make her feel uncomfortable”, but did not dispute the waitress’s version of events.

Speaking to reporters at Los Angeles airport while en route to Turkey, Key repeated the apology saying that there were “a lot of fun and games” at the cafe and “lots of practical jokes”.

The hair-pulling had taken place “in the context of a bit of banter” and he had apologised to her “when I realised she took offence”. Key said when he gave her the wine and apologised, the waitress had told him, “that’s all right, no drama”.

In an anonymous blog post at the Daily Blog site, the waitress accused Key of acting “like the schoolyard bully tugging on the little girls’ hair trying to get a reaction”… more here

The Guardian then, delightfully published a link to “John Key’s weirdest moments so far” as if Key has already gained international notoriety for being a jack-ass.

It cited the cannibalism joke, his “I’ve had a vasectomy” share, taking the cool out of the planking meme, popping bottles of bubbly with his son gansta-style, mincing down the runway and embracing his “metrosexual side” (about 10 years too late to be even remotely cool), wurring his blurds at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in his Troatie Speech (probably something to do with popping too much champagne)…

His try-hard 3 way handshake at the same event…

The deeply embarrassing gay red shirt ‘joke’ …

There was the time he was astutely described by the British media as a “Galloping Colonial Clot“, his fixed grimace at the Young Nats ball ( a work of art), making light of domestic violence by wearing a shirt saying he wasn’t ‘sorry to be a man,’ and his homage to gangnam style…

The guardian forgot to mention his cringeworthy appearance on the Letterman Show,


Or his his thug life throat cutting gesture in parliament,  and then there was his inability hit the nail on the head during an election campaign


John Key may not be sorry for being a man, but at least the world is laughing at him for pretending to be a Prime Minister.

Thought for the day

If the man chosen by 5 million people behaves like this, what does that say about the 5 million people who elected him?






2 thoughts on “Pull the Other One, John Boy

  1. Yes,john Key is a strange fellow.To much power but no balls. Hope NZ will wake up one day and realise hes really made of ego and alcohol..and yet,he thinks of himself as a leader.Poor John,we understand.

  2. How ironic, just like all the strings he ‘pulled’ in back door deals with Peter Jackson to keep The Hobbit films in NZ, as well as many other unethical dealings he’s conducted. Good as gold ‘bro’.

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