Van Explodes in Westfield Car Park, Shoppers Evacuated. Highlights Terrorism Risks Very Real in NZ

WestCity Mall fire

Westfield’s WestCity mall fire (photo Thomas Witt, via Twitter)


A van has exploded in the underground car park of a Westfield shopping mall in New Zealand, resulting in a large fire.

14 fire engines and 60 firefighters are at Westfield WestCity in Henderson where the van is burnt out and smoke is billowing from the car park.

It is believed the mall is equipped with sprinklers, but the car park is not…source

Thick smoke from the explosion has drifted into the mall, resulting in an immediate evacuation.

“Multiple explosions”

Click on the picture to hear one of the explosions

Click on the picture to hear one of the explosions

A student said she heard “three or four explosions” during the fire at an Auckland mall today. Danielle Jump, 21, was visiting the Westfield West City in Henderson when a woman ran into the post office screaming.

“Some lady came in screaming that there was a car on fire. So I came out of the side of the mall and saw people gathering outside,” she said. “It was a little while before the fire alarms went off in the mall – and about two minutes later the whole thing was just in a blaze and I heard about three of four explosions.”… source

The explosion comes days after Westfield malls were placed on a security alert after threats from terror group Al-Shabaab

Al-Shabaab’s latest propaganda video, calling for terrorist attacks on a list of Western shopping centres, is the latest attempt by distant Islamist terrorist groups to incite ‘lone wolf’ attacks on Western soil…source

Key ready for message from ‘Jihadi John’

Prime Minister Key is preparing New Zealanders for imminent threats from the terrorist group. This is from

“…John is ready for Jihadi John. There have been at least six recorded beheadings so far. British aid worker Alan Henning was one, and his family want much more than the unmasking of Jihadi John. Mr Henning’s daughter has called for a “bullet in the head”.

Japan didn’t even send troops to fight IS – just money for humanitarian aid. Yet within days Jihadi John hit back with a video showing two hostages and a ransom demand. Japan didn’t pay, and the hostages were beheaded.

Mr Key said New Zealand would never pay a ransom if a Kiwi was held hostage. “We don’t pay ransoms because we put at risk every other New Zealander if we do…” more here

The Westfield Group is an Australian shopping centre group with malls across Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Italy and Brazil.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister announced on Wednesday that his country will be sending troops to Iraq to assist American forces. His decision was made without the support of Parliament, and was not put to a vote because of the risk of failure.

Four days ago Westfield NZ responded to the terror threats…


The NZ main stream media will be under pressure to quickly downplay down this incident, as public opinion is already firmly against New Zealand’s involvement in Iraq. We suggest readers use social media, rather than the MSM, to get eye witness accounts about the blast.

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