Another Violent Car Jacking. This Time at Awatoto Lookout, Hawke’s Bay


Car jacking is on the rise in NZ

Car jacking is on the rise in NZ

Car jacking continues to be something of a problem for NZ motorists, there’s been another violent car theft. This time from the Awatoto Lookout, near Napier in Hawke’s Bay.

A shaken Rupert Ellis-Jones told Hawke’s Bay Today two men in a Pajero approached him as he was sitting in his car reading an e-book at 5.30pm on Tuesday. He said one of the men ran at him with a sharpened screwdriver…

“…I didn’t even have time to turn on the car.

“He told me that he would poke me in the eyes. I hadn’t unlocked the doors, and when I did a Maori guy got into the passenger side and started jabbing me in the back while the other guy pulled me out of the car door.”

Without any cellphone to call for help there was nothing to do but watch helplessly as the car and papers required to gain his engineering qualification sped off towards Clive, followed closely by the Pajero.

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