Coroner Releases Carterton Hot Air Balloon Disaster Photographs

Carterton 1

The New Zealand coroner has released photographs (above) of the Carterton Disaster, a little over three years since 11 people lost their lives in a fireball that engulfed their hot air balloon.

Some of these images are distressing. They show the flash as the basket ignites after touching power lines, then the balloon rising rapidly before deflating and crashing in flames.

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Carterton Death Balloon Pilot “appeared too pissed and/or high” and Missed Mandatory Medical:

An in-depth reading of the TAIC report into the Carterton Hot Air Ballooning tragedy, in which 11 people died has shown that the CAA had received a complaint (ARC or Aviation-related concern) about the capability of deceased pilot Lance Hopping. Furthermore, the incident was dismissed as possibly being not genuine without any record of the…

Carterton Ballooning Tragedy – Pilot Smoked Cannabis Before Flight:

…A Transport Investigators’ report has revealed that the pilot in the Carterton Ballooning tragedy had smoked cannabis shortly before the flight and was a long standing user of the drug.

Investigators also released data that showed that at least thirty five people in New Zealand had died in accidents involving cannabis/alcohol use

International Tourists Plead for Stiffer Rules in NZ’s Tourism Sector:

Last month an inquest was held in Britain into the death of young rugby player Tom Sewell. Five years ago Tom Sewell started his first day of a working holiday  in New Zealand and was killed whilst riding a quad bike on a farm in Katikati, on the North Island…

We’ve blogged many times about the high numbers of deaths, serious injuries and near misses in New Zealand’s tourism industry,  the egregious lack of safety awareness and attitudes that can be best described as “she’ll be right”. Read posts tagged Adventure tourism or see our adventure tourism and safety Wiki for further details.

A report into the inquest by showed how both the NZ and UK coroners highlighted a serious lack of duty of care and health and safety awareness at the farm. What they found has wider implications for  workplace health and safety, and the whole of the tourism industry in New Zealand, especially working holiday providers.

Another Hot Air Balloon Accident in New Zealand

We’re deeply concerned that there has been another hot air balloon accident in New Zealand, fortunately on this occasion no one was killed or seriously injured. On Saturday 24 March 2012 a hot-air balloon coming into land with 18 passengers on board, crashed into pine trees which tore holes in the balloon. The snagging caused the…

Balloon Clips Powerlines, 11 People Killed In Fireball – Update: Urgent Inquiry Launched

Update: 23 February 2012. Balloon may’ve not been airworthy and urgent checks of all of New Zealand’s hot air balloons has been recommended Carterton tragedy Balloon airworthiness questioned The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has launched an urgent inquiry following “serious” findings of a report into the Carterton balloon tragedy. The balloon, which crashed in Carterton…