Another Stabbing: Priest Attacked in Hospital Chapel, “you can’t take God’s money”

Stanley knife, now weapon of choice for NZ boys

Feral knife culture is part of  ‘Growing up NZ.’

Days after a New Zealand politician justified a feral knife culture in NZ schools by saying ‘ boys will be boys’  a priest has been stabbed in a hospital chapel.

“A manhunt is on for an attacker who allegedly stabbed a priest at Taranaki Base Hospital.

Police say a large number of police are at the hospital looking for the man. He allegedly stabbed the chaplain in the arm at the hospital’s chapel on Thursday at about 8.45am.

The man is described as a Caucasian in his 20s, 177cm tall and wearing a black hoodie, black pants with white stripes and black fingerless gloves. He has short hair and a (sun or star) tattoo near his left eye, said Sergeant Bruce Irvine.

“He should not be approached as it’s believed he has an orange Stanley knife,” Sergeant Irvine told Fairfax Media.

Anyone who sees him should ring 111 immediately.” source

Later reports said

“He was approached by a male [who] entered the office and demanded the offerings from the collection boxes and during that he was held onto by the offending male who was holding a Stanley or craft knife of some sort,”

…The man also used another blunt weapon he carrying to attack the chaplain…

“He was demanding the money and the chaplain said there was nothing there to take and ‘you can’t take God’s money’.”

“He’s left with nothing basically.”


The priest was taken to the emergency department and treated for his physical injuries, our thoughts are with him and we wish him a full recovery. Meanwhile, police are still hunting for his attacker.

Still think that New Zealand is a safe country with low crime rates?

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“There’s been a second stabbing at an educational establishment in New Zealand today.

The first was was at Pacific Christian School where a 10 year old was stabbed in the head (more details here), the second was stabbed during an inter-school brawl outside the gates of Southern Cross Campus, just as school closed for the day.

Southern Cross has something of a reputation for violence, in 2011 a teacher was beaten senseless…”

“There’s been another stabbing in a New Zealand school, this time at the Pacific Christian school on Coronation Rd in Mangere, South Auckland. The school is a private, co-educational establishment.

A boy has been stabbed in the head and has been taken to hospital in a serious condition…”

“According to today’s report from the national newspaper site Cop Blows Whistle  a source in the police force claims

Police bosses are pushing staff to drive down reported crime rates and staff play the system to reduce statistics.”

In 2011, a national operating strategy was implemented in the department known as Prevention First. It aims to drive reported crime down 13 per cent by 2014/2015.

Much of the push was based on statistics, the source said. “The only stats you can’t twist in the system are deaths, such as road toll – everything else does get twisted. A lot of crime doesn’t get reported because people are seeing, well, there’s no point – and that’s true.” The source gave examples, such as an informant who doesn’t wish to pursue a crime. “It will get turned into a 2i or an information job. And information doesn’t show up as a stat because it’s not a crime, it’s just something there, so they’ll do that.”…”

“Rising crime levels in Waitakere and the stabbing murder of local businessman Arun Kumar by a 13 year old youth have shattered the confidence of the Indian community in New Zealand…

New Zealand Indian Central Association (NZICA) President Harshad Patel said that the offender in this case was not discouraged by the CCTV camera operating in the Dairy, since the footage has no immediate effect and the ‘monster did not care about the consequences.’

Breeding criminals

“This beast is a creation of the wider community. By accepting children on the streets during school hours, by supporting parents who do not look after their children and by allowing gangs to proliferate, we are breeding criminals at an alarming pace. The offender knows that human rights exist for his security,” he said...”




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  1. Omg this pisses me off no end. I thought the exact same thing, “boys will be boys” is the most stupid non-argument ever, and it is damaging to men as well.

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