Indian Community Responds to Murder of Arun Kumar, NZ “Breeding Criminals at an Alarming Rate”

Rising crime levels in Waitakere and the murder of local businessman Arun Kumar have shattered the confidence of the Indian community in New Zealand.

From Indian News Link: West Auckland murder touches a raw nerve

Running tempers

Community reaction has been sharp with tempers running high. Indian Newslink received several phone calls, emails and text messages in each of which members of the public had given vent to their disappointment saying that rising crime levels in the Waitakere region has shattered the confidence of people.

“It is highly untenable that two youngsters can walk into a diary at 730 am; one of them stabs the owner (Arun Kumar) and runs away. We believe that the community has been let down and a life has been unnecessarily lost,” they said.

New Zealand Indian Central Association (NZICA) President Harshad Patel said that the offender in this case was not discouraged by the CCTV camera operating in the Dairy, since the footage has no immediate effect and the ‘monster did not care about the consequences.’

Breeding criminals

“This beast is a creation of the wider community. By accepting children on the streets during school hours, by supporting parents who do not look after their children and by allowing gangs to proliferate, we are breeding criminals at an alarming pace. The offender knows that human rights exist for his security,” he said.

Association General Secretary Prakash Biradar said that he and the members of the Executive Committee will meet Police Minister Ann Tolley this week to discuss ways and means of improving the safety and security of retailers.

The Kumar family has requested privacy, especially from the media.

In a statement, his wife said that the lives of the members of the family were standstill.

“Arun was a perfect husband, a perfect dad and a perfect son. He cared about his family. We have been running the shop for the last five years and he loved his shop. It was less of a job and more of a hobby because he loved talking to people,” she said.

More than 500 people attended his funeral held on Saturday, June 14 at Bolderwood Place in Wiri (Manukau).

One thought on “Indian Community Responds to Murder of Arun Kumar, NZ “Breeding Criminals at an Alarming Rate”

  1. I notice they have gingerly skirted the issue of cultural influences or style of upbringing that may have influenced the two children to commit the crime.

    Maybe one way to penalise people prone to committing crime, that come from a background of staunchness, manliness and macho behaviour, is to handle things like Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who makes them wear pink underwear.

    A stint in prison is supposed to make people not want to commit crime, not as a chance for them to meet hardened criminals and improve their methods of criminality.

    And don’t the health department in NZ have a poster of a Maori woman in front of the words “Men who smoke are weak, weak, weak”?
    So this type of “branding” or discipline is hardly unknown or untried in New Zealand.

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