Stabbing in a South Auckland School Fight : Pacific Christian Primary/Intermediate – updated

There’s been another stabbing in a New Zealand school, this time at the Pacific Christian school on Coronation Rd in Mangere, South Auckland. The school is a private, co-educational establishment.

A boy has been stabbed in the head and has been taken to hospital in a serious condition.

According to a news report

“The incident happened at Pacific Christian School – a primary and intermediate school – this morning.

The student was stabbed with scissors during a fight, a school manager said.

“There was a fight and someone was actually using scissors,” the manager told APNZ.

She declined to comment further.

The male student reportedly suffered life-threatening injuries and was taken to Middlemore Hospital, 3News reported.

The principal of Pacific Christian School confirmed to Newstalk ZB there was a fight between two boys at the school.” source

The school’s mission is to glorify God and bring salvation to students and their families, and to “effectively prepare students for life, ministry and evangelism in the Asia-Pacific region.” source

Unable to manage to provide a safe environment for pupils

A 2012 ERO report for the school observed

The school managers were unable to assure ERO that they had effective systems in place for managing all aspects of providing a safe environment for students.

No member of staff holds a current first aid certificate.

Risk management systems for taking students out of the school premises are not in place.

Systems for monitoring and managing hazards in the school environment are not robust.

Accident records are not kept.

Civil defence emergency planning is not adequate, for example in respect to earthquake preparedness.

ERO is not confident that school’s systems are sufficient for the school’s managing body to be assured that its other statutory obligations are met. ERO recommends that the school implements the improvements in practice identified in this report.

Update 25 June

Parents around the country are talking about the stabbing and comparing to their own experiences, this appeared on Facebook

8 year old armed with a knife

8 year old armed with a knife, another stabs with a pencil


teachers babysit disruptive kids

Teachers babysit disruptive kids


The school’s website shut down a while ago, but the Principle once wrote about a ‘visitation’ (sic) from the Educational Review Office

Education Review Office Visitation 2009

Before my arrival in New Zealand, I was informed of the proposed visit from ERO. I did not really understand the enormity of the tasks involved until school started for 2009. In the midst of trying to find my way around a new school, new environment, new country and a new system, I was also to get things together for ERO. The last time ERO visited the school was in 2006. Their expectation was to see an improvement before their next visit. That really put great pressure not only on me as a principal, but also on all other interested parties; Board of Trustees, Parents and Teachers’ Association, teachers and students.

Through all the preparation for ERO, we witnessed God’s faithfulness. He surely was our provider and to cut a long story short, the school was presented with a very good report from ERO. To God be the glory!!

School Roll

The school opened with a roll of 86 students in the first week of February. We are closing with 103 students for the year 2009. The majority of the students are Tongan but it is a pleasure to also have a few non-Tongan students in this school. We are in fact open to receiving anybody from any ethnicity.

School Curriculum

We are greatly privileged to have been introduced to the A Beka syllabus and we have continued to use this syllabus since the establishment of this school. Character training and Biblical values are integral elements of the A Beka syllabus, which makes A Beka very attractive to the Founder and the Board of Directors of this school.

Pacific Christian School seeks to produce good sensible citizens. Our pupils will be encouraged to behave appropriately at all times; at school, at home and in the community. We seek to instill self-discipline, self-motivation and respect for others (and their property) at all times.

Positive reinforcement through praise, merit awards and other methods will be used. Inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with immediately and with sensitivity. Serious breaches of the behaviour code are referred to the Principal.

The following principles are inherent in the discipline policy:
1. Students need to know boundaries and be able to exercise self-control.
2. There is a need for high moral standards, including dress codes and rules of conduct.
3. Teachers are in a position of authority and students must accept their direction and guidance.
4. The school code of behaviour is based on common sense, concern for others and acceptable standards of behaviour.

We believe that young people must learn to accept full responsibility for their actions and realize that what they do often affects other people and has a negative” impact on the school’s image.

Code of Conduct

Pacific Christian School provides an environment conducive to the spiritual growth and development of young people who are not yet mature Christians. A standard of conduct based on Biblical principles is necessary to provide such an environment.
A sense of the need for spiritual growth in the light of these principles has led Pacific Christian School to adopt the following standards which we believe are conducive to the environment that will best promote the spiritual welfare of the student. The school therefore requests that each student -:

1. Refrains from swearing, using indecent language, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, drug-taking, gambling
2. Maintains Christian standards in courtesy, kindness, morality, and honesty

Students are expected to abide by these standards throughout their enrolment whether at home, school or elsewhere. Students found to be out of harmony with the Pacific Christian School’s ideals of work and life may be invited to withdraw whenever the general welfare demands it, even though there may be no special breach of conduct.

In this atmosphere of definite and positive Christian standards of conduct, good scholastic planning and intimate personal interest between staff and student, there is ample opportunity for the development of strong Christian character.

Concerns or Complaints

In dealing with all situations of a difficult or delicate nature we endorse the Matthew 18 principle for resolving problems – go to the person involved. If any problem arises concerning your child’s welfare or progress at school then you are encouraged to first discuss this with the student’s teacher. Remember to first make an appointment. If, following discussion, you feel the situation has not been satisfactorily resolved, then make an appointment to see the Assistant Principal.

When these steps have been followed and there is still an unresolved issue then it will be necessary to discuss it with the Principal. The Principal’s secretary will arrange a suitable appointment time.
Parents are welcome to discuss issues with the Board of Trustees; however, if you have not followed through with the expected procedures then you will be referred back to the Matthew 18 principle.

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  1. I liked this bit: The school’s mission is to glorify God and bring salvation to students and their families, and to “effectively prepare students for life, ministry and evangelism in the Asia-Pacific region.”
    In my opinion, where the halo of “doing good works” exist, people have to be very carefully monitored, as Pascal wrote: “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.”

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