Drugs, alcohol and parenting techniques that don’t work. Family Responds to Murder of Arun Kumar

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A person who says they are a relative of Arun Kumar has posted this response to his murder. It was first published on the feedback section of 3News.co.nz after an interview with a youth worker John Cowan.

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT, TO OUR FAMILY. Arun Kumar who died at the scene, was my dad’s sisters husband (bro-in-law). He was such a fun, loving, caring and beautiful, warm hearted person. Its a huge loss to our family/friends/community.

It is truly shocking at this early age they had kept a WEAPON, ready to kill someone, someday. This happened to be on the 10th June, with Arun uncle. We all are still in a total shock, that he has left us all. He was a NZ Citizen, was a Bank Manager in New Zealand and in Fiji. But do not know why he felt the need to own a dairy. As owning a dairy has gone horribly wrong in the past here, still is – being threatened by street kids, criminals.

John Cowan speaks with a smile on his face here, truly this is not a joke or to smile about ! Someone’s life has been taken, we will no longer see him again, leaving respectable kids/wife/all behind. They had a reputation in this community, and they worked very hard at it. But these un-disciplined, unparented very young unworthy kids took his life. (*Whilst these kids still lives, with unbelievable supporters who supports these sort of criminals – little kids ! What about the person who died – what did he do to deserve to be STABBED/MURDERED).

Do we *respectable/hard working community have to be scared day/night to stay in our enclosed doors and feel scared, threatened by these criminals>?? Laws of NZ aren’t STRICT at all. Harder punishments aren’t in place that is why this still carries on, and its now worse. Laws for Parents should be tough !! If they can’t handle their kids, they should be in prison too !!! Simple as that. As Criminals begins from home…. your attitude, lack of love, parenting, much more.

FROM THIS CLIP – JOHN COWAN: We know what makes them kill someone !! BUT WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT ???? NOTHING !!!


Watch the video with John Cowan here : Drugs, alcohol and parenting techniques that don’t work.

Note: the names of the two offenders are suppressed, as are the details of their court proceedings. About 30 of their family ‘supporters’ (whanau) turned up for the hearing and caused a lot of disruption, causing the court to be cleared at one stage due to repeated cries of “we love you, be strong.”

Where was their ‘loving support’ when these two kids were robbing a store at knife point and killing a man at 7.30 in the morning?

Something is seriously wrong in this dysfunctional society.


11 thoughts on “Drugs, alcohol and parenting techniques that don’t work. Family Responds to Murder of Arun Kumar

  1. My experience with New Zealand is on the weekend, there is a culture of drinking, for example if you go down to Courtenay Place in Wellington on the weekend mainly Saturday Night, you will see youths overdose on alcohol and then ut gets pretty rowdy

    • To save money youths typically “pre-load” on RTDs and liquor by getting them from the local dairy.
      At one point it got so bad in the halls of residence that the residential manager – implemented an alcohol ban.
      I’ve also seen a “child prodigy” get sozzled so many times – the residential manager warned all the residential assistants + put a large poster in their duty station that stated “this person is not to be seen with alcohol and their room may be inspected at any time and such drinks to be confiscated” (paraphrased)
      At some periods of time, promotions … make the cost of alcohol cheaper than milk! Sometimes even a dollar a drink!
      I’m just laughing at that idea of “education is respected” in NZ … and “healthy living”.

      • Here’s another anecdote to add some colour to that situation:
        One of the residential assistants (that also received the notice to restrict certain students from alcohol) used to brew his own liquor to sell, he made some pretty decent money off it.

        • Not surprised at all, I wonder what the stats are like when it comes to liver failure in New Zealand

  2. Why are people always so concerned about the offenders – they made poor choices on the day and they should be held to account. Our system is inherently soft on criminals and the softness of our system is recognised, and for those determined enough, taken advantage of by criminals. Bring back the death penalty for murder – irrespective of the age of the offender. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. Poor choices equals death — it will improve the gene pool over time too, getting rid of the lowest common denominators in society.

  3. Here is one of them http://www.expatexposed.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=180 (links I mean) I remember everyone in NZ always told me that there was nothing wrong with cannabis, that it didn”t make you “aggro” so no worries with it etc etc. But it was a big problem. People driving buzzed, becoming psych and angry when they weren’t high, people losing productivity and making their partners angry. People growing it, with guns and pit bulls, attracting criminals to the area. It sucked. Very much more acceptable, out in the open, and “a problem” than back home.

  4. That is a very thoughtful comment. I am not a bleeding heart and I strongly believe that punishments should exist to deter this kind of abhorrent behaviour. However, one wonders what sort of family structure these kids had. Perhaps their parents neglected them and abused drugs and alcohol or perhaps the kids lacked role models that taught them to say please and thank you.

    Sadly, large swathes of New Zealand has a very poisoned soul indeed and these types of unimaginable crimes are merely the shocking manifestation of something nasty that lies below the surface, which migrants will not discover until after they have landed in New Zealand.

  5. Thank you, sorry to do multiple posts. Yes, the performance in the court room is very messed up. It seem a lot more about the parents seeking attention that anything else.

  6. I made a previous comment but it disappeared. So sad for this family. So unsurprised that Maori children are responsible. Won’t get jail time, bound to be members of a youth gang.
    Basically, how can these offenders’ parents weep and wail in court when their children are self-raised and feral and they(the parents) are utterly responsible?

  7. This is horrendous. So sad for the Kumar family. Yet I am completely unsurprised to read it was children who did it. That is what NZ has come to. Based on media reports, the offender are Maori, will not go to jail due to their age and I would guarantee they are youth members of a gang.
    The whole weeping and wailing in court by the offenders families thing is just ridiculous, their kids are basically self-raised and feral. Do they really have any right to weep and wail?
    So sad.

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