Foreign Doctors Squeezed Out of Jobs in Socially Progressive New Zealand, Priority Given to ‘Local’ Doctors.


Radio New Zealand report. Click on image to listen

Are you a doctor considering emigrating to New Zealand?

You may want to listen to this report from Radio New Zealand before you pay for your work visa. Immigrants have passed the exam but are at the bottom of the queue for jobs. However, they are still being admitted to New Zealand to look for work.

Out of 100 migrants who sat the exam last year only 50 passed, out of that only 25 found a job. One young Indian doctor could only find work as a part time receptionist.

We’re not getting employment anywhere and everyone has just washed their hands of us

New Zealand trained doctors are staying put and not emigrating overseas, employers are facing a glut of British and Irish trained doctors they’ve recruited in the interim.

So what we have now is foreign doctors who are good enough to satisfy the extremely costly visa and registration processes but unlikely to be employed as a doctor when they look for a position.

Perhaps its time that someone was truthful with them? because this is starting to look like a rort. The executive chair of Health Workforce New Zealand, Des Gorman, said in the interview

our priority is clearly New Zealanders studying in New Zealand medical schools

Maybe that statement should be printed on the visa application form, or the occupation of doctor should be removed from the skills shortage list. Because it looks like there are more than enough locally trained doctors and there is no shortage.

About Health Workforce New Zealand

Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) was set up in 2009 to provide national leadership on the development of the country’s health and disability workforce.

It has overall responsibility for planning and development of the health workforce, ensuring that staffing issues are aligned with planning on delivery of services and that our healthcare workforce is fit for purpose.

It combines many of the workforce development functions previously undertaken by the Ministry of Health and has assumed responsibility for the work of the Clinical Training Agency (now known as Investment Relationships and Purchasing).

Organisational structure

HWNZ is a business unit of the National Health Board and its work is overseen by an independent board chaired by Professor Des Gorman with board members from business and across the health sector.

It is led by Dr Graeme Benny, and is organised into two teams – workforce intelligence and planning, and strategic education and training investment.

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16 thoughts on “Foreign Doctors Squeezed Out of Jobs in Socially Progressive New Zealand, Priority Given to ‘Local’ Doctors.

  1. I read the title of this article out to my wife and she asked if I wrote it! We are both doctors from the UK and paid a fortune to come here. She can’t get any kind of a job, even with McDonald’s or as a receptionist. I have a short-term job but have been passed over for permanent work in favour of Kiwis with far less experience and much less on their CV than me.

    • I feel for the international students (especially in Auckland CBD & Northshore working at BP & other fuel stations to repay their student loan or to make ends meet while they complete their studies at the universities. Hopefully they will be able to get some use of their degrees and not a over-priced paper card

  2. A visit might not change his view (unless he were ripped off and bashed). A stay of a couple years probably would though. Let the veneer wear off and his money will disappear as they hungrily flay his skin off.

  3. Hi everyone! If you really want to see a nation where everything is going down the drain, visit nowadays Germany if you can (or better: let it be if you´re not a full-time masochist)! A once marvelous country with great career chances, prosperous wages, a high educational level and a high living standard where almost everything is turning backwards since a couple of years! About 150,000 (in word: one hundred fifty thousand) skilled, educated and mostly young people leave Germany every year and not less of them forever. What remains is an absolutely unpleasant mixture of minor cultivated migrants, but also a lot of dumb and narrow-minded countrymen who claim to be oh so world-open, being not able to watch over the rim for only a few bucks though. The national pride is almost non-existing while the very most of the own culture could only be described as brainless junk. Even though New Zealand ranks very high own my must-have-visited-countries I have never been there yet. Maybe a visit would change my point of view, but till then I guess it is just another country with its own characteristics, specialties and quirks. Like anywhere else in the world. Nothing more and nothing less. Greets from Germany, Alex

    • We don’t normally allow rants about other countries (view Comments) but on this occasion the word “Germany” could easily be replaced with “New Zealand” and the description would be accurate (apart from the national pride). It is obvious you’ve never visited New Zealand and yes, a visit would change your point of view.

    • I laughed at that statement:
      “What remains is an absolutely unpleasant mixture of minor cultivated migrants, but also a lot of dumb and narrow-minded countrymen who claim to be oh so world-open, being not able to watch over the rim for only a few bucks though.”
      Mainly because scholars from Germany get government grants to study in New Zealand, and do not need to pay it back EVEN IF THEY FAIL MULTIPLE SUBJECTS.
      At university in my field of Engineering, I observed one student who was over there for a semester, that FAILED EVERY SINGLE PAPER HE TOOK,
      yet now on Xing is saying that he was educated (and passed) at the university in New Zealand, despite not having satisfactorily completed ANY of the assessments that he was assigned.
      That fellow … is now a research assistant at a university in Germany.
      Think about that …

      • Yep, funny, isn´t it? In a country where every moron can go to university or gets a leading professional position 2nd world level is predictable. Maybe parallels of both countries are more distinctive than we might suppose, maybe New Zealand should learn from Germany how you shouldn´t do it…

        • In Germany’s defence, it doesn’t dupe migrants into parting with their cash with false advertising. Immigration applications are a sizable revenue stream for a small country like New Zealand. 25% of Kiwis were born abroad.

        • @Alex: I know that Germany has problems, including some of the ones you cite. I would also add that Germany and Japan have become de facto client states of the US since World War II. Imagine an economic system that requires a country to export goods and store its gold abroad in exchange for US Treasury bonds. This is a better disguised form of tribute. At least Arminius could lead the old Germans to fight and vanquish the Romans.

          Nonetheless, Germany is light years ahead of New Zealand in terms of mindset and living standards. Everyone in Germany has central heating in winter whereas in New Zealand even houses worth more than a million Euros do not have this. When I lived in New Zealand, I remember waking up in the morning and the temperature inside my house was 2C.

          The cost of food and basic consumables like toilet paper is probably half of what it is in New Zealand. Unlike Kiwis, most Germans are smart enough to know a second language and the education standards are higher in Germany. Germans are also reliable and competent compared to Kiwis. I am happy to let a German fix my car, but I would not trust the average Kiwi.

          If Germany disappoints, I can think of many countries that make better emigration destinations than New Zealand. Trust me, New Zealand has most of Germany’s disadvantages without most of its advantages.

          • It´s true that we Germans love to complain on a high level. But wait another ten years with the same developments and things will look pretty different, I promise.

            To be honest, NZ fascinates me for a long time now, but it´s good to know all the pros and cons before daring the next step. A Christchurch placed mate once told me that the inhabitants of New Zealand more or less all know each other, on the Northern Island as well as on the Southern one. I guess, in times of multimedia and internet all kinds of news can be spreaded very fast to only a small number of people. In the worst case it might be quite easy to spread rumours all over the country and with character assassination you can ruin livelihoods in a jiffy while geographically isolated New Zealand becomes a real prison then. Truth or just speculation?

          • I live in Switzerland just across the border from Germany, so I am happy to catch up in person and tell you more about it. Leave me an e-mail address and I will make contact with you.

            It is a small place where the best 20% have left and gone overseas for the past several generations. Consequently, the place is mired in mediocrity. If you are smarter, better looking, having more money, or are in any way better than the New Zealand average (quite a bit below the German average), then the Kiwis will hate you. You cannot have a conversation

            New Zealand must trick immigrants into coming there to offset the skills shortage. Yet the Kiwis lie to immigrants about the country. Few opportunities exist for immigrants. I would recommend that you read the Migrants Tales for some perspective. Read the one titled Goodbye New Zealand by searching in the box.

            Kiwis are very ugly, both inside and out. People dress in made in China crap that is even below the quality of what the low end of the US wears. NZ also has inherited the brutal drinking culture from the UK.

            If you are a German, you will hear plenty of anti-German stuff and reminders of World War II. NZ is a bit like the movie deliverance. It is a giant nasty small town. The little towns in Germany are clean, quaint, and have nice architecture whereas the small towns in New Zealand are disgusting by comparison and full of drug addicts and alcoholics on benefits.

            Please meet with me before you actually go to that place.

          • Thank you so much for your detailed and interesting answers. Please write to (in one word) and I try to respond as fast as possible. I know good many people (Germans) which are really enthusiastic about NZ, but most of them are classic on-holiday-goers who come back after several weeks and tell you only the best about Middle Earth. Anyway, it´s absolutely necessary to read opinions from someone with a total different point if you, just when PR and advertisement pages like “100 Percent Pure New Zealand” are not the only stuff you want rely on…

  4. It would be good to know how much it costs for an immigrant doctor has to pay to be eligible to work in New Zealand, including visa and registration fees. This must be a major revenue earner?

  5. I am exploring the idea of launching a suit outside New Zealand against the New Zealand government agencies that misrepresent New Zealand. One could use several consumer protection statutes in places like the USA or the UK. Much of what the New Zealand government does to lure migrants is a classic bait and switch scheme. For example, New Zealand needs doctors, so spend all this money coming to New Zealand obtaining the relevant paperwork, etc, but then find work driving a cab.

    What do people here have to say?

    • Very noble idea, i will lend my personal support to you.
      When countries like NZ are marketing themselves falsely, they should bear the brunt like the corporates do.

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