NZ Green Party Co-Leaders Want Cannabis Legalized. Recall the Napier Siege?

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One possibility for the future flag of NZ?

Metiria Turei and Russel Norman, co-leaders of the Green Party of New Zealand both want cannabis de-criminalized, despite believing “a drug free lifestyle was the healthiest.” According to Stuff:

Turei pointed to changes in legislation controlling the drug in other countries such as the US where States such as Colorado have recently decriminalised cannabis.

Cannabis was also a topic at the recent Ratana celebrations at the weekend…

You can read more about the Ratana ‘sect’ here.

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about how interested parties were watching the success of the legalization of the drug in Colorado, USA and sizing up its tourism potential for New Zealand. Read New Zealand Yet to Follow Colorado In Legalising Cannabis – CO State tourism backs off promoting the drug.

Fred Macdonald, Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party spokesman, also spoke at the Ratana festival, making references to the use of cannabis anointing oil (or Kaneh Bosem) during the time of Christ in Judea. Some proponents of medicinal cannabis even theorize that Christ used the oil to effect miraculous cures.

Does that sound to you as if people are promoting biblical purveyors of Snake Oil to suit their modern day agenda? It wouldn’t be the first snake oil to come out of the NZ. But, here’s the interesting question – would it be marketed as 100% Pure and what mark-up will that attract?

According to Stuff:

“Macdonald argued that legalising cannabis would earn more revenue for the Crown and see fewer people imprisoned. He said the drug was used as a medicine in the time of Jesus Christ and called for decriminalisation.

“Just get on with it, stop making our cannabis convicts political prisoners because that’s what’s going on. The war on drugs, it’s just a whole lot of bullies . . .,” Macdonald said.

Labour MP Shane Jones then spoke out against the comments in his own speech shortly after. Jones said drugs and alcohol were a major problem in Maori communities and a religious celebration on a marae was not a place to associate Jesus with cannabis, praise its potential or argue for decriminalisation…” more here

But drugs and alcohol are a major problem in non-Maori communities too, its just that Maori people are more likely to be imprisoned for it than Pakeha. Perhaps that is why Metiria Turei wants it legitimized? Maybe it would be better to first resolve New Zealand’s dirty little problem of institutionalized racism?

Cannabis destroys lives

Siege the Real Story ( Documentary about the Napier Shootings (Napier armed siege).

“On the 7th of May 2009 Senior Constables Len Snee, Grant Diver and Bruce Miller arrived at 41 Chaucer Rd in Napier to serve a search warrant on Jan Molenaar for the growing of cannabis.  This was just a routine warrant, something they had done countless times.

What was meant to be an ordinary procedure turned into three of New Zealand’s darkest days and ended with one police officer dead, two officers critically injured and a member of the public fighting for his life.

In some fifty hours Jan Molenaar made a permanent and devastating imprint upon the national psyche of New Zealand as he changed the lives of individuals, families, a police community, and a city…

Siege. A trailer for the dramatization of the Napier cannabis siege may be found here. Who said no-one ever died from cannabis?

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