New Zealand Yet to Follow Colorado In Legalising Cannabis – updated – CO State tourism backs off promoting the drug

This is a follow-up to our article on 2 January Colorado USA Beats NZ to Title of Legal High Central and shows why New Zealand’s inferior cannabis strains should never be legalised, and why it still needs to protect its children from the drug.

New Zealand is notorious for growing low quality cannabis crops (mainly indica crossbreeds with a low THC to CBD ratio) and a high incidence of paranoia and mental illness among frequent users. It has one of the highest rates of illicit drug use in the world and is considering now legalizing a swathe of synthetic highs.

The potential of making big bucks from Cannabis tourism is being fervently considered in New Zealand. This comment in the NZ press is symptomatic of that aspiration. When Colorado’s tourism office and ski resorts said they would not sell to out-of-state tourists that was regarded as an opportunity for other retailers to get in on the act

Colorado ski resorts and the state Tourism Office have chosen not to embrace out-of-state visitors who have come to buy legalised cannabis, creating an opportunity for a handful of small firms that are catering to marijuana tourists.

When legalised marijuana became available for sale with the New Year, out-of-state tourists joined Coloradans in lining up at authorised retailers, despite the federal ban on the substance…

Despite the potential to make money the state’s world class ski resorts and its responsible tourism office remained wary of promoting the drug

“There has been a law on the books since the 1970s in Colorado that makes it illegal to ski, board or even get on a ski lift if under the influence,” said Jennifer Rudolph, spokeswoman for Colorado Ski Country USA, an industry trade group that counts most of Colorado’s 26 ski resorts as members…

Like the ski resorts, state tourism officials are also keeping a distance.

The Colorado Tourism Office “has no plans to use the legalisation to promote the state,” it said in a statement.

No such law exists in New Zealand. Futhermore, cannabis has found in the bodies of instructors and adventure tourism operators involved in tourist fatalities in New Zealand and may have been contributory factors in the ‘accidents.’

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