New Zealand Dairy Company’s Digusting Treatment of Chilean Dairy Cows – Inhumane Slaughter and Induced Abortions


Manuka’s male calves in Chile unreservedly condemns the treatment of dairy cows by the New Zealand company Manuka in Chile. It appears that some of New Zealand’s more dubious farming practices are being imposed on Chilean farm workers.

The Manuka firm is questioned before the alleged murders of more than six thousand animals after induced abortions in search of quick milk production…

According to workers, the cows are milked four times a day and female calves feed on artificial substitutes. What about the males? They have other destination…” source

Dead calves

Induced abortions and slaughtered bobby calves. The price of your pint of milk.

Not only are the animals being treated inhumanely but the workers are also suffering:

“Not only are dead animals the victims, but also victims here are workers who suffer serious psychological injury because they have to follow orders imparted to them from management to perform these killings through different mechanisms, “said a deputy, stating further that it was unfortunate that the government, having the portfolios of Agriculture, Labor and SAG with all background, knowingly acted without doing anything about it… source

Here’s how it was reported in NZ, note how there is no mention of induced abortions near full term, which are still legal in New Zealand?

A New Zealand dairy company is reportedly being investigated by Chilean authorities over allegations it inhumanely slaughtered thousands of calves it couldn’t use for milk production.

Manuka, which owns 22,500ha of land and employs 340 people in the South American country, has been splashed across Chilean newspapers alongside photographs of dead calves lying in pits…

Calves were allegedly slaughtered within days of birth to ensure they did not consume any milk destined for sale, with workers forced to let them starve, cut their throats or beat them with heavy objects, according to media reports.

They were then buried in “clandestine cemeteries”, one newspaper reported…” source

Manuka is a dairy investment syndicate investing in Chile. It is that country’s biggest milk producer and has 130 mostly Kiwi shareholders, notably former Fonterra chairman Henry van der Heyden (who practiced calf abortions on his own Putaruru farm) and director Mark Townshend (one of the founding directors of Fonterra). source


About 40 per cent of New Zealand dairy farmers induce healthy cows, with veterinarians contracted to induce abortions by injection.

Approximately 100,000 calves are induced annually solely for economic gain, with serious welfare implications for the cow and calf.

The theory is that the calves will be born dead. However, premature calves can be born alive, (and with the right care could survive), requiring the farmer to kill them.

It was revealed in 2010 that even dairy giant Fonterra’s then-CEO induces calves, although the company states that it is opposed to the controversial practice. Despite this and a statement from National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) in 2010 that induction “has the potential to affect the welfare of both cow and calf adversely”, calf induction is still legal and practised in New Zealand.

Currently the industry finds it acceptable for farmers to induce 4% of their herds…

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