8 Year Old Boy Caught Drinking/Drugged At Hamilton Skate Park And Family Allow It – updated

Moving to New Zealand because of the better lifestyle you think it will offer your kids.

Think again after watching this video – it will genuinely shock you. Bradley Goudie filmed a drunk/ drugged child in the small Waikato town of Hamilton – suburb Fairfield.

Extracts from the dialogue include: “only in Fucking Fairfield” “He’s Maori bro…he’s different…we can drink at any time…leave him alone…it doesn’t matter” Listen to the end. “Your problem not mine I guess.”

After the video gained international attention (NY Daily News) rather than open a debate into why this is happening,  NZ police, who were earlier embarrassed by accusations of not attending the scene more quickly, moved more rapidly and  complained to YouTube.

Hours later, after gathering hundreds of thousands of views, it was removed. However, it had already gone viral and is now at large on the net. It can also be found at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e2c_1389145050 and many international news sites.


Published on Jan 7, 2014

Time to reveal one of the BIGGEST issues in New Zealand, under-aged drinking. This sort of behavior is despicable. Not only is the boy in danger, but his behavior also puts other kids around the skate park at risk. Sure, this was reported to the police but what are they really going to do about it? Skate parks all over the country are used by up coming thugs as a sort of training area for bad behavior because there are never surveillance camera’s or consistent rules/regulations. Rocking up to Fairfield skatepark only to find an 8 or 9 year old highly intoxicated… You may think this video is funny, but there’s a point where it becomes serious as alcohol intake can cause serious impalement and damaging to the brain.

Takes a village to raise a child, doesn’t it?

Comments from round the net

Uproxx.com Top of the Lake taught me everything I know about New Zealand, so all things considered, I’d say the drunk nine-year-old boy covered in vomit is actually doing well for himself. He’s not pregnant, he hasn’t fallen off any mountains, and he’s not living in a shipping crate with Holly Hunter. And yet, the Kiwis are NOT happy.

Read more: http://www.uproxx.com/webculture/2014/01/drunk-stoned-8-year-old-kid-biggest-scandal-new-zealand-right-now/#ixzz2q2AyKKyu
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Suburb information from Wikipedia


According to the 2006 census, Fairfield has a population of 4698. The Index of Socioeconomic Deprivation, ranked 1-10 from lowest to most deprived areas, lists Clarkin and Porritt statistical zones at 9/10 (high deprivation).

Also from the same YouTube account

update: this video was posted from the same YouTube account. Watch it and see if you think the plucky young mum may’ve felt intimidated and backed-off because of it. Rather like the guy in the first video backed off when confronted by someone bigger than he.

Extracts from our Children’s issues Wiki, from which the following statements have been taken:

The Chief Coroner said he was “shocked and frustrated” by the high number of very young teens (some as young as 13) who drink themselves to death in New Zealand. It’s another symptom of the country’s hard drinking/binge drinking culture.

Children as young as nine are among the hundreds of young people aged under 16 that are being treated for alcohol and drugs addiction – and that’s just in Auckland. The numbers of children receiving treatment is on the rise – there was a 20% increase in 2010.

Two counsellors have taken legal action against a Hamilton school, claiming the high number of student suicides and deaths left them suffering post-traumatic stress disorder…Counsellors were required to deal with self-harming, death, suicide, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, family violence, sexual abuse, depression and eating disorders…”source

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13 thoughts on “8 Year Old Boy Caught Drinking/Drugged At Hamilton Skate Park And Family Allow It – updated

  1. John Key is a psychopathic millionaire worth 44 million dollars. He’s selling off whatever he can to the highest bidder, wants to take away affordable health care and education and moves in that direction every day, wants to keep wages as low as possible, thinks the unemployed should stave and lie homeless in the street, while he lets his rich mates take more and more jobs overseas to India where they can exploit people for $2 an hour. He works to detroy New Zealand more and more every day to line his own pockets with corporate money and money from the US so this is the result. Also digging up and destroying the environment out of his own greed to please big corporations giving him kickbacks so that’s why New Zealand is no longer that great a place to live.

    • I like how it looks like you think migrants don’t seem to have it tough in your country, and that John Key is some comical supervillain who wound up in charge, nevermind the fact that New Zealanders elected him, and they still tell foreigners that they will have no problems finding work.
      Is it the water?

  2. Rtds (fruit flavoured alcohol 7% spirit) are just aimed at kids! The idea you cannot have “fun” without being “wasted” is sold to our kids, What do we expect? The fact that young brain tissue(below 25) becomes VERY easily addicted is proven! Just what the booze barons want.! Wake up people ! demand raising the drinking age, make it an offence to be drunk in a public place, & ENFORCE IT. used to work, can work again

  3. the boy that turned away probably felt intimidated, he done the right thing otherwise he probably wouldve got smashed up.

    • Very likely. Rather like Nia Glassie’s neighbors probably felt intimidated.

      Did you watch his second video? How intimidated do you think the young mother felt?

      All part of the ‘skate park pecking order’ a window into every day life in New Zealand.

      Kudos to the guy in the white T shirt in video 2.

    • Well that’s ok then reader from New Zealand. Let’s all do what the young man did at the end of his video and turn away.

      Nothing to see here, just another case of a kid getting wasted and its ok because he’s Maori.

      Still think that “New Zealand is a great place to raise kids?”

      • I go back to NZ on a regular basis, and not that I HAVE to tell you why I left, but it was a financial decision, certainly NOT because NZ is unsafe!! [rant about other countries deleted]

        • Please keep this on topic and make an effort to avoid troll talk, read our comments guidelines. The majority of your reply contravened them, but we still gave you the right to reply.

          Trying to excuse things by saying other countries caused them is ridiculous. Neither does it excuse the very prevalent social problems which are unique to New Zealand and cause incidents like this.

          Finally, read the comments left by the person who put the video on to YouTube…the section that begins “Time to reveal one of the BIGGEST issues in New Zealand under-aged drinking.”

      • We have the same problems in Australia’s indigenous population, but here we have dry towns in area where alcohol abuse is a problem. It is an offence to be drunk in a public place and the adult would’ve been arrested for supplying alcohol to a minor. The person who sold it to him may be fined. Australia is tackling it head on, New Zealand just gets the evidence removed.


        “LF thinks that the young Mr Bradley Gaudie needs to be commended for exposing yet another in a long list of the New Zealand Polices systemic failures to do their job.

        Inspector Nicholl’s bullshit excuses don’t stand up to close scrutiny. Perhaps thats why Fairfax later ran an additional story following up the earlier pro police spin piece, putting Bradley Gourdies, frankly, more believable version of events, something that Fairfax (NZ) wouldn’t ordinarily do when it comes to the Kiwi cops and their appalling behaviour: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/9590389/Police-defend-action-over-drunk-boy

        Clearly the “brother” in the photo below is drinking the same brand of booze (Cody’s Bourbon & Cola). Not only that but the big mouth saw no problem with the child being on the piss with him. Was he therefore responsible for suppling this child with alcohol? If so why is he not now behind bars awaiting bail pending trial?


        The New Zealand police haven’t got a hope in hell of shutting down this story, the story of their own gross incompetence and New Zealand’s completely fucked up macho culture of alcohol and violence. Not only has the original video gone viral, meaning that its now well beyond Google’s control, but international MSM have also pickup and run with the story, starting with this little beauty by Britain’s Daily Mail, complete with a photo Essay of the “abusive” child in question:

        Having viewed the video and this particular kids belligerent attitude we also don’t believe for one minute Inspector Greg “shit-for-brains” Nicholls assertion that this little bad mouthing leprechaun would be “further victimised” by the releasing of the video. Even the Kid father wanted the footage to remain online until police spin doctors asked him to collude with them in covering up police inaction:

        Better late than never? No the likely reality this case is that the cops had received a complaint, attended and thought in the absence of any third party evidence, that they would get away with ignoring or putting the complaint on the back-burner. After all the officers who attended the incident where more than likely “Couzi-bro’s” of those involved in supplying the the child with the booze in the first place.

        The only party at risk of being “further victimised” in this case are the cops that fucked up, thinking that it could be swept under the carpet, and inspector Greg Nicholl’s fucking well knows it!! Good luck with getting the video pulled down Greg.


        • We doubted the police’s motives for pulling down the video too. We hear Bradley is still intent on bringing attention to the problem of alcohol abuse in his community and will republish it with the child’s face obscured.

          We’ve not checked out the Daily Mail’s report, no doubt there will be some ‘reputation management’ going on in the comments section. Should make for some interesting reading.

          Edit: here’s the link for our readers


          Alongside the video and screenshots the Mail wrote

          He then walks across the skate park to join a group of older children. Among them is a teenager who claims to be the boy’s brother and says: ‘He’s Maori, he’s different’.

          Incredibly the ‘brother’ does not seem to be at all concerned about the youngster’s welfare claiming it is alright and that he was drinking at the age of nine also.

          After the interviewer suggests he could collapse and die from alcohol poisoning at any moment the teenager replies: Does he look dead to you?’

          As the atmosphere becomes noticeably more aggressive the interviewer and cameraman decide to leave.

          Police then went on to criticise Bradley for uploading the video, equating his actions with the moron who supplied alcohol to the child

          A police spokesman said he was appalled that not only had the boy had been supplied with alcohol by an adult but that victimising footage of him drunk had been uploaded to the internet.

          CITIZEN, London, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

          Come on NewZealanders look after this small commnity of the original land owners.

          WELL SAID!

          • New Zealand often reminds me of a brainwashed positivity cult where anyone that points out the glaring truth is branded as “negative”. Kiwis knavishly think that if they speak and think positively, things will miraculously rectify themselves.

            The young man that posted the video deserves our accolades for raising awareness about the appallingly high incidence of alcohol abuse amongst young people and even children. However, the New Zealand police would rather attack the messenger instead of doing its job and dealing with the louts that abuse alcohol and harm themselves and the rest of society.

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