“Galloping Colonial Clot” Let Through the Door – Key’s Private Visit to Balmoral Made Public

The British Daily Mail is having a field day with the cheerful, ruddy faced chappie from downunder who was summoned to tea with HRH up at Balmoral.

John Key, minister for tourism, talk show doyen, king of the Kiwi barbie, and ahem – Prime Minister of New Zealand – apparently broke royal protocol when he allowed photographs of the private visit to be made public. Just how the Queen feels about this remains to be determined, but one may assume she is not amused. Making Key look like an attention grabbing upstart the Mail wrote in separate articles:

When foreign dignitaries spend private time with the Queen, protocol dictates they remain silent about their stay.
Unfortunately that was not the case when New Zealand premier John Key and his family spent a weekend at Balmoral.
No sooner had they left the Scottish retreat, than a picture was released of Mr Key posing with a casual-looking Queen in her sitting room. He then risked further Royal displeasure by lifting the lid on his time in the Scottish Highlands.
Once, such indiscretions might have caused a diplomatic row, but Buckingham Palace was relaxed yesterday about Mr Key’s revelations.
After all, the keen royalist did call Prince George ‘a very bonny baby’.
The picture he released gives a fascinating insight into the personal tastes of the Royal

On a trip to Balmoral with his family recently, Kay broke with royal protocol by releasing a photograph of his personal visit.

Look at him! He is totally chuffed to bits, glowing nuclear pink with pleasure, at being snapped with the Queen in her private sitting room.

She, on the other hand, has her head bowed, deep in thought. Perhaps she is having second thoughts about letting this galloping colonial clot through the front door?…

Of course these aren’t the first photos of the Queen’s private retreat, the Mail has previously published photographs of David Cameron with the Queen at Balmoral, although he was a little bit more circumspect with the details of his stay.

‘Trip Advisor’ review of Balmoral

In what is sure to sound a death knell for any knighthood ambitions Key may have been harbouring, the Mail continued :

Mr Key went on to compound his gaffe by revealing further details of the trip; highlights apparently included Prince Philip helping to prepare a barbecue and the Queen giving Mr Key and his wife a tour of the Balmoral estate in her Land Rover.

His son Max went grouse shooting with Prince William while his daughter Stephanie hiked with the Duchess of Cambridge…

But wait, there’s more…

‘They were extremely generous hosts and we had a fantastic weekend,’ Key wrote, as if he were filing a report for TripAdvisor…”

The paper then went on to describe how the Queen’s personal and very private possessions had been photographed for all the world to see. Strange behaviour from a representative of a country where individual privacy is taken so seriously. Want an example of that? read about the fuss Key caused over the teapot tapes.

Some more  John Key gaffes

John Key's catwalk debut

John Key’s catwalk debut

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5 thoughts on ““Galloping Colonial Clot” Let Through the Door – Key’s Private Visit to Balmoral Made Public

  1. “The cousin at the party who’s got the short trousers.”
    Rove McManus
    Australian TV celebrity, describing New Zealand.

    • I don’t think his family background is very Anglo. His mum was an Eastern European post-war transplant and his father died when he was very young. He grew up on a remote island where cultural ties to the royal family had already loosened by the time his family migrated there. Can’t really expect him to understand the house rules if they aren’t posted on the wall. Protocol such as that is something you might be more likely to absorb “naturally” if you grew up in an English household. On the other hand, maybe they had actually explicitly warned him about not waving around photos of din-din at Queen’s whare, and he just forgot/didn’t care. ;D

      • So, according your post, Austria is in Eastern Europe! Key’s mum was an Austrian, his father English.
        Key did not grew up “on a remote island”, he grew in Auckland and in Christchurch in New Zealand.
        As for the house rule that he broke – too bad. I don’t approve it, but I get annoyed when people are too lazy to do their home work and research a topic, before posting bullshit.

        • Rein it in a bit Giulia, your manners are slipping. Define “Eastern Europe” in the early 40s and say why you consider Austria not to be a part of it. FYI New Zealand IS ‘a remote island’ when relating it to the place in which the breach of protocol applied (Britain). Bear in mind the original article was light-hearted and it was the UK’s Daily Mail who called him a “galloping colonial clot”. We presume that since you made no comment to the contrary you agree with that description?

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