More big quakes rattle Wellington, Seddon

The NZ media is reporting more strong quakes in New Zealand.

LATEST: More strong quakes have hit central New Zealand this evening, hours after a magnitude 6.6 sent Wellington commuters fleeing from the city and caused havoc in Marlborough.

Seddon, south of Blenheim, again copped the force of nature when a 6.6 quake hit at 2.31pm. It was only 8km deep and 10km to the southeast. In the hours following the ground barely stopped moving, as residents hoped for respite.

A 6.2 hit at 5.29pm, 20km south west of Seddon, and two minutes later a 6.3 hit nearby, GeoNet said…

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Roads in and out of Wellington are blocked and there are no trains. There are reports of major damage in Seddon.

One thought on “More big quakes rattle Wellington, Seddon

  1. It seems as though earthquakes in NZ are becoming the new normal, just like in Japan. The difference is that in Japan their buildings are built to the highest spec possible to withstand earthquakes. I would not like to be an office worker in the Wellington cbd right now. The alpine fault that runs the length of nz is overdue a large quake- they are expecting it to be mag 9 so hopefully this won’t happen as they cannot accurately predict when it will occur.
    No scientist is prepared to say what is happening or what they think either after those geologists in italy got jailed for not getting an earthquake prediction correct, so now it;s silenced them from speaking out – no wonder!

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