Hamilton’s “Worst Burglary in a Decade” – Kids Responsible: “Blood Gang Fck the Law”

youth gangs are a problem in New Zealand

youth gangs are a problem in New Zealand

A gang of 12 and 13 year old thugs are responsible for the worst burglary police in Hamilton have seen in a decade. The gang broke into the home of mother of two, Candy Atkinson, whilst she was out last week.

When Candy returned with her three young children she found her home had been burgled and the TV, Playstation and her other possessions were missing. She left to raise the alarm and came back a couple of hours later to find it had since been destroyed.

It was completely ransacked and vandalised.

You can see the shocking video here http://www.3news.co.nz/Burglars-target-home-twice-in-one-night/tabid/309/articleID/298081/Default.aspx. Whole rooms were turned over, food,  paint and other material  smeared over the floor & walls. Candy’s children’s toys chucked into the fireplace. Above the fireplace the words “Blood gang fck the law” were scrawled in pen on the wall.

In a press release issued today they said they had identified four boys aged 12-13 who they think may be responsible. In a press report that fastidiously avoided using the word “gang” they said

Offenders identified in Hamilton’s worst burglary in a decade

“A week on from what Hamilton Police described as the worst burglary they had seen in a decade, a young mother and her children still can’t sleep, despite Police identifying those responsible.

Hamilton City Tactical Coordinator, Senior Sergeant Freda Grace, said a week on from last Tuesday’s home invasion mother Candy Atkinson and her three young children were still cleaning up the mess.

“When Candy and her three children, aged seven, 11 and 12, arrived home that night a door left open was the first indicator something was amiss.

“Leaving the kids in the car she went in to investigate and found her home in a state that no one should have to witness. The interior was just horrible with food thrown all around and liquid poured everywhere, one of our experienced crime scene investigators described the scene as heartbreaking.”

Following media coverage of the damage to the family’s home Police began to build up a picture of what had happened and who was responsible.

 “Four boys aged 12-13-years-old have been identified and are being dealt with through Youth Aid.
Blood Gang
We’ve written about Hamilton’s Blood Gang before. In July 2010 a  teenager stabbed to death another youth during a street fight between rival youth gangs in Hamilton. He walked free from court. Jurors were told the defendant was a Crips gang associate, his younger  brother, and two others were  confronted by Bloods gang members. link.
Youth membership of gangs is part of a disturbing trend both in the Waikato and across New Zealand. According to a researchers at Waikato University, it is because of what society expects of them.

Boys as young as nine are joining gangs, not for money and the lifestyle, but because they believe it’s what society expects of them.

The new research shows young men feel as if their teachers, families and communities have no faith in their abilities, so they turn to youth gangs for support.

As part of a 2011 study on the motivations behind gang membership, clinical psychology student Sarah Campbell interviewed seven young men who had been in a “crew”.

“They were very aware of the stereotypes in their environment and they lived up to them,” said Campbell, who based her masters thesis on the research.

“From what they were saying, they don’t seem to fit within society so they go and joined a group of young people who understand their situation.”

Campbell’s thesis identified five main factors that influenced and maintained the boys’ desire for youth gang membership: friends or family, money, a desire to participate in anti-social behaviour,  neighbourhood surroundings and the negative reactions of others.

Although some of those factors were well-documented, the idea that gang membership was a “self-fulfilling prophecy” was fairly new, Campbell said.

The study quotes directly from the young men, all aged between 16 and 23, who had belonged to Hamilton gangs from as young as nine…” read more of the report here No choice but to take Bloods ties

We’ve said before and have no problem with saying it again: it takes the village to raise a child, the village is failing them in New Zealand.

It is hard working, honest people like Candy Atkinson who are being left to pick up the pieces of a failing society.

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  1. I wonder if those gang members will petition to pay her back to the tune of NZD5 per week?
    These people who create debt through larceny and violence, they always seem to have the nous to lie to bailiffs and stop their own goods from being confiscated, with the proceeds of their sale to compensate their victim.

    I should know, I went to the Disputes Tribunal with such a complaint towards one such joker.
    He thumbed his nose at the entire restitution process, and didn’t stick with the payment plan at all.
    From my experience, the justice system in NZ does not make much of an effort to help people that are financially victimised by criminals.

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