“Welcome to New Zealand?”

NZ news outlet Stuff is calling for submissions to its citizen journalist project. The present assignment is named “Welcome to New Zealand?” with the following instruction,

“The face of New Zealand is constantly changing as new families arrive on our shores.

But what is the experience of arriving and setting up life in New Zealand really like?

We want to hear from immigrant families and individuals who have made New Zealand their home.

Why did you move here? Was it easy to adjust to the Kiwi way of life, or did the culture come as a bit of a shock?…” Read the rest of the assignments here

Predictably enough, the first published response was one telling New Zealanders how lucky they are, and written by British immigrant Jonathan Bird.

If you want to contribute to the assignment visit the link above. We shall be keeping watch on the project and looking at what people are writing. If you want to make a submission send us a copy too, that way we can compare what is sent in and what is published.

We constantly hear from immigrant families, look at our comments section to see what they’re saying.

If you are thinking about emigrating to New Zealand you should take a look at our
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