French Public Get to Hear About Tourist Crime in New Zealand

Rabbit Island, Wikipedia

Crimes against tourists in New Zealand is finally getting the international coverage it deserves after two young French women’s campervan was broken into at Rabbit Island, near Nelson.

Clémence De Montil and Carline Chenard  are likely to write about their experiences in one of the websites we have in our “Other sites we like” links in the side bar Frogs-in-NZ. We fully expect these two women to become the object of a media focused charm offensive any moment now.

A report in the Nelson Mail said

A dream campervan holiday for two young French women is in tatters after an opportunistic thief broke into their van at Rabbit Island and took their valuables – and their story is likely to be read across France.

Carline Chenard and Clemence Montil, both 23, lost their passports, cash, bank cards and cameras on Friday afternoon when someone smashed the side window of the small campervan and removed their daypacks from under a blanket on the floor.

They had arrived in Nelson the day before and had been looking forward to writing all about their visit on the French traveller website Frogs-in-NZ, which has organised the van for five months in return for their reports.

This theft hit the news the day after a gun man robbed at least 4 parties of visitors at well known Auckland tourist spots – the Domain and Mount Eden. The man discharged his weapon into the ground as he made his escape. Read Armed Thief on the run in Auckland, in the NZ Herald.

We’ve blogged countless times about tourist vehicles, especially campervans, being targets for thieves in New Zealand yet tourists continue to be seen as easy targets. Read Visitors ‘often targeted’ by criminals in NZ by to realise just how common this problem is.

We’ve suggested public information campaigns,   leaflets at airports and rental companies warning about high crime, we’ve even suggested safety deposit boxes at major tourism centres but still the thefts continue at epidemic proportions.

If you’re planning a holiday to New Zealand, please don’t believe the hype about it having low crime rates, leave your valuables under lock and key and never leave anything in a vehicle that you can’t afford to lose. We can’t say it any plainer than that.

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