English Tourist Victim of Waiheke Island Rape – updated

We regret to report yet another violent sexual offence against a tourist visiting New Zealand.

A twenty nine year old British woman has been raped on Waiheke Island off the coast of Auckland.  Our condolences are extended to the woman at this difficult time.

A police reports originally said a 17 year old youth from Auckland has been arrested for the attack. He has been charged with aggravated assault and sexual violation. The following day he was named as Cane Norton Kelland.

According to a Stuff report on 24 January the woman made it to the gates of the Delamore Estate where she received assistance from builders working at the property. The woman, whose face was bloodied and purple with bruises after her ordeal, had been on the walkway overlooking Owhanake Bay on Waiheke Island when the alleged attack took place.

The age of the alleged offender is of great concern, there have been many violent acts perpetrated by young teens over the last few years, the most heinous of which must surely be the rape and savage beating of a five year old European tourist on a campsite in Turangi last year. 16 year old Raurangi Marino (below) was later sentenced to a mere 10 years imprisonment for burglary, sexual violation by rape and for causing grievous bodily harm.

Another youth, Jahche Broughton, who assaulted and battered to death Scottish tourist Karen Aim in Taupo was only 14 at the time of his crime. He was given a minimum parole period of just 12.5 years.

One has to ask, is New Zealand failing its youth and what sort of dysfunctional society are these young males being brought up in?

And, should more be done to inform tourists about the risks they are taking when visiting New Zealand, which is often portrayed as a safe destination abroad?

We wish the British woman well and hope that she receives the support she needs to overcome her dreadful experience.

British travel advice for New Zealand

The British government recently gave this advice to its citizens visiting New Zealand.  Considering the nature and locations of attacks on British people, many of which have been outside of major towns and cities, we expect the FCO to update its advice to something more suitable than this.


Crime levels are generally low, but street crime occurs in major towns and cities. Thefts from unattended vehicles, especially hire cars and camper vans in major tourist areas (the Coromandel Peninsula, Rotorua and Queenstown) have increased. There has also been an increase in the number of thefts from hotel rooms in some tourist areas. Don’t leave possessions in unattended vehicles even if out of sight in a locked boot. Don’t leave valuables in hotel rooms. Use the hotel safe if possible. Keep passports, travellers’ cheques, credit cards, etc separate.

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