Migrant Tales – Thank God I Have Left New Zealand

Continuing in our series of Migrant Tales, first hand accounts of the migrant experience of New Zealand taken from places around the net.

Today’s tale was a response to a thread we started on a NZ forum which has since closed down.

The author is  a British migrant who returned to a better life in the UK. He experienced racial discrimination and hatred whilst living in New Plymouth. Whilst there he identified a multi-million dollar loss in a bandages contract in a local hospital but no-one in the chain of command from hospital to the Health Minister was interested in the information. You can read more about NZ’s health service here.

Thank god I have Left New Zealand

Having lived in New Zealand for 6 1/2 years I am now safely back in the UK.  We moved to New Zealand for a “better quality of life” and after 6 1/2 years we have concluded that we had a far superior quality of life in the UK, hence we have come home.

The journey has been long and hard, lived in Auckland then New Plymouth, had a “can do, be positive attitude” only to be sucked dry and felt feeling demoralised, brow beaten and inferior, what quality of life is that!

The Kiwi’s have a good pattern of looking you in the face and lying to it whilst stabbing you in the back.  The amount of scamming, corruptness and racial hatred to you as an “immigrant” by people and the Government is astounding.  We had our Residency Permit from day one as I had skills the country needed, but after being made redundant in Auckland and 4 years of being told “you are too qualified” I’ve had enough.

I worked as a hospital analyst and identified a massive financial loss to the local hospital that I worked, ($72 Million) in a bandages contract, wrote a report went all the way through the chain of command, Supervisor, Manager, Department and Clinical Manager, Finance Director, Chief Executive Office, Health Minister only to be told we “don’t care” and by the way you can now leave.  I was astounded, so I went to the papers, the apathy was amazing.  This is just 1 story of many I can post on here.

In short, before you move to NZ with it’s extremely high cost of living versus wage ratio, bad driving, Hoons, taxation, kiwi “can do attitude”, they “can do everything badly”, crap schools etc put down the holiday brochure, obtain the “real” facts of living in NZ, look at your country again and compare, you won’t get on the plane!

Additional information

New Zealand’s  education and health ministries are among the worst-performing government departments, according to a report card ranking state agencies and bosses.

The report found excessive red tape, bureaucratic systems and ineffective consultation are hampering government departments.

The Health Ministry, bottom for value for money overall, was “struggling“. It is “really confused, with too many sections not knowing what others are doing, and doing stuff without consultation in the affected communities.”

4 thoughts on “Migrant Tales – Thank God I Have Left New Zealand

  1. Your Situation and experience is actually very very similar to ours, “racial hatred to you as an “immigrant” by people and the Government is astounding”. – This statement is very accurate, These Kiwi’s have some kind of inferiority complex that they take out with rude and arrogant behavior and scum attitude, They will lie to your face only to stab you in the back, And I am not just limiting this to those of English and Irish origin, its common with almost all New Zealander’s apart from newly arrived immigrants like us, “you are too qualified” – This is another true statement, My father who’s a high qualified person and worked at a very high government position, when he had to look for a job he couldn’t even get a better job then a clerk at a Chain Grocery Store. All He got was “we dont have any Jobs in your field” or “you are too qualified”. Your Assessment about Medical is also true, my Friends Dad was killed by a Botch up job of a Surgeon. You cant imagine from looking from the picture how corrupt an disgusting this country and its people are. If only they told people the truth, And more sites like this existed and had greater exposure, then people like us wouldn’t be here, no but they don’t want it, they want Immigrants for the Money and to come live in their cardboard box houses and hen leave. Their Zionist media does a great job of painting this good picture of New Zealand which is just not even close to the truth of this country and “kiwis”.

  2. I have lived in New Zealand for 31 years. I love the Country ,the Kiwis people that i know must be very different from the ones you know because i can not see that, yep we have a dig at the Maori people tongue in cheek , great people always with a bit of fun and what is wrong wiith that.
    we are a small country like England but only have 4 million people so we can not affort everything , but as you did say Positive and can do. I believe the best place for you is back were you came from England , i for my part will never return to England for the simple reason that i love New Zealand ,the People the way of life.

    • Glad to hear that your experience has been positive, though I’d suggest that your having arrived 31 years ago is quite different than one, say, in the last decade.
      Modern development [such as telcos not pursuing any later generation of cellular services [4g] is indicative of how behind the times it is and how disinterested in getting/keeping up NZ is.
      Telcos are just one example in a long list.

  3. Bang on, There is no desire to change/improve the way things are done. Although there is lots of lip service to change/improvment, it is not really meant. Meaning what you say, saying what you mean is a foriegn concept.

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