Jobs For Kiwis First in Quake Hit Christchurch

Kiwis First may mean saying goodbye to your cash

Thinking about laying out tens of thousands of pounds to emigrate to New Zealand and work in Christchurch, Canterbury?

You may be disappointed to learn that Kiwis are still the preferred candidates for work in the region.

A growing number of visa applicants are being declined by the Christchurch immigration office. This is because rising unemployment in New Zealand means that local workers are given preference over foreign candidates already on shore.

Word must be getting out because visa applications have plummeted.

Immigration New Zealand’s (INZ) Christchurch branch has received the lowest number of applications since 2003 as immigrants leave the earthquake-hit city.

Despite this, people who want to stay in Christchurch are struggling to get work visas.

Jobs for Kiwis first

 “INZ figures show that for the 2011-12 financial year, 9939 people applied for visas at the Christchurch office. In 2009-10, more than 13,500 applications were    received.

 INZ has declined more work visas this financial year than last.

The operations manager at migration law firm Malcolm Pacific, David Cooper, said unemployment across the country has led to an “increase in the amount of applications being declined“.

Obviously, it’s jobs for Kiwis first. That’s how it has always been and when someone applies for a work visa, then [INZ] does its own labour market research,” he said…” more here Visa refusals in shaken Christchurch

Jobs for Kiwis first is nothing new, this policy has been in place for years. Read any of our posts tagged  Jobs for Kiwis for more.

But this policy doesn’t seem to have much influence on the many NZ immigration job fairs that have been touting for workers in countries such as Ireland.

Be warned, your visa application fee doesn’t get refunded if you’re declined. 

Immigration New Zealand has a projected $44 million deficit in its memorandum  account to plug, somehow. The shortfall arose because of a drop off in visa application volumes following the GFC and the Canterbury earthquakes.

Think hard before you make the leap and part with your cash.

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  1. JOBS for asians are scarce…remember…be a visitor only to NZ…..Do not be fooled into thinking
    you as asians have even a single shot of chance of making it good in NZ. You should know better. NZ is only good for travel and leisure…not to live in especially if you are ASIAN.
    AVOID NZ for immigration purposes. Be safe in both peace of mind and financially!

  2. if you are asians…jobs are scarce…….and if you persist… will be given minimum of 20 calls just to talk to an employer….and as always….will never be employed in NZ
    better use your money elsewhere…US is better….DO NOT COME to NZ

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