Migrant Tales – First Week in Oz, 6 Years of Misery in NZ.

more life across the Tasman

Continuing in our popular series of Migrant Tales, first hand accounts of the migrant experience of New Zealand taken from locations around the net.

Today’s tale was first published on the forum at Expatexposed.com,  a not for profit self help and support forum for expats living in New Zealand.

This was written by a British person. It is a tale of success, proof of life beyond New Zealand, told by someone who said that before they came to New Zealand they had been living in the 21st century.

Thought that I’d check back in one week after my move to Australia.

First off, everything is on your doorstep and there’s lots of it.

There’s not much in the cost of stuff in the supermarkets, but we are in the middle of sydney- one of the most expensive places to live in the world (my salary increase/package more than makes up for the added cost of living here).

Walking around Bondi Juction Westfield I felt like a peasant in rags. New Zealand is so far behind Australia in every way that it’s not funny (and I’ve lived in Auckland and Wellington).

Another thing that struck me is that Australia is multi-cultural. It is not just Polynesians and white people with a tolerated (but mutually disliked) Asian enclave. Australia has folks from all over, from separate cultures; but all with one thing in common- they are Australian. This incredible melting pot means that you have authentic Greek, Viethamise, Thai, Lebonese food on your doorstep (no more dodgy Indian food made with Watties tomato sauce or those iffy Chinese and European takeaways).

Whilst I’m living in a heaving metropolis, it is a world famous metropolis and so cool it’s unreal. A few hours out in each direction Australia has provided me with breathtaking landscapes that would be the envy of NZ. Check this out- it’s on my doorstep!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wik…ew_South_Wales%29

I feel like I’ve come in from the cold. I could cry I feel so blessed to be here. Sydney is so incredible there’s no place like it in NZ (or in the UK, for that matter). Could it be that this is my reward for those 6 years of misery in NZ?


My distilled list of annoying things about NZ:

NZ is full of big talk but little ideas.

NZers have a complete lack of accountability.

The Treaty of Waitangi and and the whole angry maori/guity pahkiha thing- get over it guys. You don’t see me running to the Italians, the Norwegians, the Danes and the French with my hand out do you. And there’s more “pure Brit” (i.e. Welshman) in me than there is pure maori in any “maori” alive today. One New Zealand, one people..end of story. Sorted.

To be honest, the big problem with trying to explain what is annoying about NZ is that it is not one big thing, or even a few moderate issues. It is hundreds of little things. I’ve explained my experience of NZ as being death by a thousand cuts.


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  1. If you are asian….better go to NZ only in visitor status….NEVER be immigrant….
    as always….they treat asian as dogs or pigs in NZ

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