Migrants Tales – Two and a Half Years In New Zealand Like South Dakota

Continuing in our popular series of Migrant Tales – first hand accounts of the immigrant experience of New Zealand taken from locations around the net.

Today’s tale was published a few days ago (Dec 2011) on a British expatriate emigration forum, and aside from the experience with the Christchurch refugees, details a fairly typical set of complaints voiced by many immigrants

Two and a half years in……

……and I just don’t get it. If there are a more inward, casually racist, obstinate and rude group of people then I’ve yet to meet them. Admittedly I’m in Auckland but the only friends we have are other Brit ex-pats and they all feel the same to.

We’ve been ripped off by various ‘Kiwi owned and operated’ companies (Kiwi owned and operated should be viewed as a warning by the way), we took in a couple of ChCh ‘refugees’ after the quake who robbed us and did a flit, we’ve almost been killed on numerous occasions by stupid arseholes driving cars as if they were on a racetrack, we’ve observed the most appalling of bullying and psychotic bdhaviour in our respective public sector employment and almost unbounded stupidity when it comes to approaching any task or recreational pursuit.

I appreciate that there are a lot of ex-pats that won’t admit to making a huge mistake by coming here because it all starts to unravel somewhat but this place is really the arse end of the world with HUGE social problems, a corrupt criminal justice and regulatory environment, it is an inherently racist country and unless your Great Grandfather went to kindy with someone who signed the Waitangi treaty, you will never be accepted.

4 thoughts on “Migrants Tales – Two and a Half Years In New Zealand Like South Dakota

  1. So there aren’t but there are? Thanks for the clarification. You know the old saying “if you’re not part of the solution…?”

    (please don’t give your comments the thumbs up before they’re even published, that’s just silly)

  2. IN answer to your question,no,there is no-one else at home like me. but there are tens of thousands of people in this country who i believe would support my thoughts [rant deleted]

  3. this comment would have to come from a pom. we unfortunately inherit these losers who cannot make it at home and come here because of course, the pound is worth more than our dollar. they predominately infest -unions ,councils and hospitals. chinless suckholes and back stabbers they band together of neccessity, even though they inwardly distrust each other because they are not from the same town. the english immigrants we get here are definitely far from the cream of the crop. i wouldnt trust one as far as i could throw one.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Neil.

      Normally we don’t let offensive or abusive comments through the moderation system.

      But since yours was such a classic piece of passive-aggressive, anti-immigrant, xenophobia we thought we’d let it through, just to show what immigrants are up against.

      Are there more at home like you?

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