Turangi Campsite Attack – Sixteen Year Old Male Charged


A sixteen year old youth from Turangi has been charged in relation to the violent attack on a five year old Belgian girl as she lay sleeping at a Turangi camping ground.

In  a report the Dom Post said

Police tonight announced they had arrested a 16-year-old, who would appear in Taupo Youth Court tomorrow afternoon charged with sexual violation, aggravated wounding and burglary.

Given the degree of Mongrel Mob activity on the night of the crime, and the youth’s age, there is bound to be speculation that the crime was motivated by a desire to be part of a gang – some of the most horrendous crimes in New Zealand are committed by gang prospects.

The police investigation was said to have stretched as far as Wellington, where a matter of weeks ago two youths aged 17 and 19 were arrested for the beating death of Scottish journalist Phillip Cottrell as he walked home from work one morning.

Some other high profile cases in New Zealand where youths have been responsible for serious crimes against females include the killer of Scottish tourist Karen Aim in Taupo and of British immigrant Libby Templeman in Kerikeri. Both youths were aged only 14 when they perpetrated their terrible acts of violence and sexual degradation.

New Zealand’s youngest killer is Bailey Kurariki who was sentenced to 7 years in 2002 for the killing of a pizza delivery worker Michael Choy. He was 12 years old at the time of Mr Choy’s death and is now back behind bars for more recent offending.

Kiwis react to the arrest

New Zealanders quickly made their feelings know on the TradeMe forum, this is a sample of their more printable comments. One makes reference to the as yet unsolved killing of Charanpreet Singh Dhaliwal a security guard who died from head injuries on his first night at work in Auckland.

The camp ground is opposite the local police station, approx 6 kms from the local prison and there are six churches within walking distance of the site.

“I got a chill down my body when I just heard this on the six o’clock news…16…geesus… what is this country coming to…..almost guarantee that this excuse for a human being will get name suppression then a gentle ride through the Youth Courts, as has been said above. I don’t want to hear that he was abused/from a dysfunctional feral family etc, etc, SO fed up with this pc bullshit legal system we have here that makes namby pamby excuses for these ferals..If he is not dealt with really harshly, you can almost guarantee that he will be out to commit far, far worse crimes as he gets older…just so shocking…But well done to the Police for making a speedy arrest, bet he has previous history to.”

“thanks nz police ! many thanks. will you please now get the scum that killed that young indian security boy, on his first night on the job. thanks again.”

“So all those that got on here and accused the father can go eat there words and apoligise too.”

“Quite right. As far as I know Belgium doesn’t have a feral underclass, especially not one who takes their family on international camping holidays “of a lifetime”. This pondscum is just the tip of the iceberg in this “fair” land. He should do 10 years hard labour. That might even make a man of him?”

“A well known church member’s son?
Care to share which church?”

And there were the inevitable references to the attack being gang motivated and comments about personal security in the little town

“it wouldnt be an initiation..it would be a case of being the most violent outrageous etc so you are more prominent and have a higher chance of being ‘approved”

“Probably more one of these boy gangs they have these days i would say and from when i went to Turangi a few months back looking for a lost pup i bred i found the youth there very unapproachable as well as a lot of other residents i actually said to hubby at the time don’t think i would want to walk through here at night and i used to stay at the same camp ground as a kid and my memorys were not what they are now about the place.”

“most if not all of those boys gangs, tend to be prospects and aspire to “greater things”. for want of a better turn of phrase”

Broken New Zealand

You may also be interested in an older blog of ours How New Zealanders Would Fix “Broken New Zealand” from August 2011. We wrote about how Kiwis proposed that their country should be fixed, it makes interesting reading.

9 thoughts on “Turangi Campsite Attack – Sixteen Year Old Male Charged

  1. This is from the link that P Ray supplied, there has been a grave miscarriage of justice here. If [name suppressed] had been charged with manslaughter he may have been found guilty. Bad call on the part of the prosecutor, I hope he can sleep well at night

    Now you know why NZ’s official murder statistics have gone down recently, this one won’t even get recorded as manslaughter. I hope the family appeal the conviction, the outcome would’ve been very different if the deceased had been a white man with connections.

    SUPPLIED CHARANPREET SINGH DHALIWAL: Was found dead at a West Auckland building site.
    The mother of a security guard who died on his first night on the job is “shell-shocked”after the man accused of his murder was found not guilty.

    She feels the New Zealand judicial system has failed her son.

    The 27-year-old accused, whose name has been suppressed, was acquitted in the High Court in Auckland this afternoon for the murder of Charanpreet Dhaliwal in November 2011.

    The accused was found guilty of assaulting another person, Viki Alo, on the same night and was sentenced to six months’ jail to be served cumulatively with a current seven-year jail sentence.

    He had denied both charges.

    “We are very disappointed with the verdict and [the family] have come from India,” family spokesman Jasnit Singh said.

    “They had very high hopes on the New Zealand judicial system. They are absolutely shocked the accused has gone scot-free.”

    There had been “absolutely no justice for the family at all”, Singh added. Dhaliwal’s mother, Karanjit Kaur, was “absolutely broken”.

    “She is shell-shocked, she can’t believe this could have happened to her.

    “She’s thinking why would students be coming to this country … they have better lifestyles where they come from. There’s no need to come here to get killed.”

  2. you can’t blame all of N.Z for the actions of others,and no the justice system doesn’t work for me….at all.
    ask the parents of these pieces of shit what happened in there upbringing,not the rest of N.Z.
    it comes back to you know whats right & wrong,its that simple.and you tell that to Phillip Cottrell’s wife & kids that thanks to a pair of “gangsta loving” heroes,they no longer have a husband & father in thier lives.and yes it does play a part in there criminal life cause alot of rap songs these days go on about shooting/stabbing “f#@king you up” “smaking your face/heads in” etc etc… im sure i don’t need to go on.

    • But until the “rest of NZ” holds the parents accountable, gives them the support and guidance they need to be good parents and gives their children a ‘brighter future’ that’s been promised for all these crimes will keep happening. It takes the village to raise the child.
      Time to stop the rot of societal decay.

  3. just take a look at the other 2 pieces of shit that killed radio N.Z journalist phillip cottrell, this f%#kwit no.1 manuel penera robinson aged 17 gets bail,WTF…? & his sidekick aka “f#%kwit no.2 nicho waipuka aged 19 continues to walk around like its a joke.you have to check this out,its a MUST,type nicho’s name into facebook and check out who he looks upto and who his “life idols” are,he hasn’t worked,hasn’t studied & hasn’t gone to school.he looks upto gangster rapper wannabes like young sid,who’s pulling the fingers in his picture,cause thats the “cool thing to do”. and some of his favourite sayings are “KBZ ALL DAY” (killer bees wanabe gang) and wait for it,here it is “KEEN FOR THE HOEZ” yep,one of N.Z’s future stars right there,what a winner.
    Now the judge on the day of there court apperance needs a smack in the side of the head for letting these 2 also walk our streets & breath our air.



    • Okay. But perhaps its the whole of New Zealand that needs to wake up, all too easy to blame it on the justice system. They all ‘work for you’ don’t they?

      Instead, listen to what the detective in charge of the investigation said:

      “NZ society needs to have another good look at itself if we have juveniles of this age committing these kinds of offences

      It also needs to be honest about the risks to visitors in the country: help them to be less easy targets for the criminal underclass

      As for the two youths charged with the assault and death of Phillip Cottrell well they do have a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Exhibiting gangsta love on their facebook pages doesn’t necessarily make them criminals.

  4. i agree with everything you have said above,apart from the 10yrs hard labour.here is the chance for the powers that be in government to make an example of this inbred mistake of a human life,now lets see if someone in there has the balls to make it life in prison and actually mean it.
    this piece of shit can’t be rehabilitated,is bred in him,similar to pitbulls.
    how many of these sad sad murders/rapes/beatings have to happen before things really change?
    someone once told me it never will unless it happens to the likes of the prime ministers son/daughter or the likes of the police commisioners son/daughter,and im begining to think that has some truth to it.

    • Without knowing the background of the youth, or with certainty that he is guilty, its difficult to make a valid judgement about his background or what needs to be done.

      Poverty and generations of inequality does seem to be at the root of a lot of crime in New Zealand, so it make sense to start closing the poverty gap if you want to see a real reduction in crime.

      Drug and alcohol misuse also need to be tackled, as does the desire to gain membership of a gang.

      Young people also need positive role models other than sporting stars, some of whom have gained notoriety for violence, sexual assault and alcohol abuse.

      • I remember asking an on-campus student church representative (that was also a first year student in my dorm) why the only people they saw fit to look up to happened to be sports stars and media personalities regarding success, and not married couples who had grown old together and raised families (he was helping put together a youth fellowship meeting on campus and had invited those famous people).
        He replied to the effect that the church attendance for that would drop unless there was some glamour involved.
        Says it all really.

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