Turangi Campsite Attack – Kiwis Respond

(For background read Vicious Sex Attack on 5 Year Old Belgian Tourist)

New Zealanders were very vociferous and quickly took to the net to express their dismay at last night’s sex attack and savage beating of a 5 year old Belgian tourist at the Club Habitat campsite in Turangi

The serious assault took place just yards opposite the local police station and less than 6 kilometres from the low security Tongariro-Rangipo Prison, one of three correctional facilities in the Waikato.

Already people on Trade Me forums are saying that law and order in the township suffers because of a level of criminality among supporters of prisoners who move into the community to be close to their relatives and associates. They also say that ‘undesirables’ lodge in the area after their release from prison, making the area unsuitable for tourists.

The township also has its own chapter of the Mongrel Mob and whilst their activities may not affect many people outside of their own circle its the gang prospects (young men seeking to join the gang by performing an act to gain membership) who are often the ones that cause the most trouble and inflict the most damage.

As of September 2011 26 offenders have escaped from the Tongariro Rangipo Prison in the last 10 years.

Among them, in August 2011, Lex Miller, 48, an inmate with a history of serious violence escaped from the prison. An off -duty police officer eventually spotted him at a camp ground in Gisborne and he was taken back into custody.

In 2008 murderer Stuart Harrison and robber and sex offender Sumit Narayan escaped and in 2009 Christopher Thomas Watkins walked out of the prison whilst serving a life sentence for murder.

The first statements from New Zealanders were published on the forum community on Trade Me.

Firstly there are comparisons with other countries, with the feeling that New Zealand is probably less safe than many and that there is an image problem.

“New Zealand’s Dark, Horrible Secret”

I do agree the presented tourism/immigration image for this country seems way out of line on many levels.
Was it on this board I saw someone suggest every street corner has a volunteer selling battered baby dolls as “New Zealand Souvenirs” for a day (or a week?) to try to get the message to the Government that they ought to concentrate hard on cleaning up at home before mincing about adding more high polish to our “image“?”

Tourists!!! You have no idea how nieve tourists can be with the marketing of Safe, Green New Zealand. I look after Tourists and they need reminding quite a bit to not believe the safe and friendly kiwi way they get sold is part myth.  Then again even Kiwis let their guard down when they go on holiday and sadly their are those mongrels who pray on that relaxation.

Last year a couple of non descripts brazenly broke into a car in one of the busy Tourist hotspots near Turangi just metres from other people and group of shuttle drivers. They never got caught to risky to detain them and to many places to hide.”

“I would NEVER and I repeat NEVER leave my children in an unlocked caravan at night. Was the Madelaine McCain case not a lesson for people about this????
I make my 15 year old lock the door of our house when she is home alone – and we live in a fantastic area.”

“But as has been said on here before, this bloody country is sold overseas as being a safe haven for tourists, when in reality we are a dangerous destination.”
“Its not ok for us to judge the parents, they probably came from a much safer environment than New Zealand. We know how many sicko’s we have around, they probably bought the ‘land of milk and honey’ line, green green pleasant New Zealand. I feel so sorry for them.”

“Sadly, they probably thought New Zealand was the clean, green, civilised place it used to be… I hope that poor child recovers quickly. This story is sickening any way you look at it.”

Must be a European thing to do leaving your kids alone in holiday accommodation. Lets not forget Maddy McCann. She was left alone in a similar situation. Makes you wonder after all the coverage that case got why anyone would leave little ones anywhere in the world alone when your not at your own home or country.

Many expressed their disgust  in posts like these

“Unfortunately since the safe places for the mentally disturbed have closed down, they are in the community and a lot of them live in camping grounds because it’s their cheapest option. Bring back the facilities to look after these people, where they are happy and safe amongst themselves. The wider community is also safer.”

“You can probably already guess the type of animal that assaults a 5 year old sleeping girl, especially in Turangi, man the people we have living in this country…”

“Holly S**T! That sucks. Friggin scum bag a**hole. Why would you do that to a random person let alone a poor wee 5 year old girl. Hope they catch the c**t. Excuse my swearing but that just so low and it hits home as my daughter is going camping over xmas new year.”

“Enough is enough, I sat here crying over what has happened to the children in our country. I am sick of saying this shouldnt be happening. I want to start doing something to stop it!
We need tougher sentences for a start, I have no idea what I can do or support to start making a change. If anyone can guide me I would welcome the advice.
Children deserve love!”

And migrants living in New Zealand joined in with their feelings about child brutality in New Zealand

“been here 5 years. time to move my family back home. sick of the child beatings and such thats on the news everyday. you kiwis have a shocking reputation overseas,the way you treat your children”

Trip Advisor Reviews.

One poster gave links to a number of Trip Advisor reviews about Club Habitat, here are some of them

Anywhere but here”  Reviewed July 13, 2011

“All I can say is either find somewhere else or drive to Taupo. This place is dark and dingy. From the motorhome sites it is a long walk to the bathrooms, no lighting etc. The TV in the lounge didn’t work, no DVD’s for hire, overall a bad experience.

Credit to the lady at reception, she was lovely, however the place appears to be run down with no attention to maintenance.

We ended up leaving after a few hours and going somewhere else which was added expense but it wasn’t worth staying.

Not many options in Turangi if you are in a motorhome. My recommendation would be drive the bit further to Taupo and stay at the Top Ten – its amazing.

Stayed July 2011, traveled with family”

Certainly would not stay again” Reviewed January 24, 2011

“Website way out of date, including prices. We stayed in a ‘refurbished unit’, that was in need of refurbishment.. Drab and washed out looking. Cheap cutlery, plates etc. Managers blame owners for everything and say they have no ‘power’. Certainly not value for money. At a peak time, occupancy was sparse. I guess their reputation has become known. Certainly would not stay again.

Stayed January 2011, traveled on business”

Schlechteste Unterkunft, in der wir jemals waren

“Der Campingplatz mit Motel-Units wurde uns vom i-Site (Touristeninformation) in Wellington vermittelt. Ganz offensichtlich wusste die Mitarbeiterin nicht, um welche Absteige es sich hierbei handelt.
Es gab kaum Gäste und das aus gutem Grund. Unser Motelzimmer war nicht nur überaltert, sondern absolut schäbig und dreckig. Wenn wir nicht schon im i-Site gezahlt hätten, wären wir sofort weitergefahren. Die Tapete löste sich schon von der Wand, den Teppichboden hätten wir niemals mit nackten Füßen betreten wollen und das Bett war winzig und durchgelegen. Die Handtücher waren voller Flecken und Haare und als wir damit zur Rezeption gegangen sind, haben wir nur mit großem Unmut andere Handtücher bekommen (auch diese durfte man sich nicht genau anschauen).
Prädikat: nicht im geringsten empfehlenswert!”

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17 thoughts on “Turangi Campsite Attack – Kiwis Respond

  1. Re: A Macdonald

    While I agree that there is far too much violent crime committed by Maori, don’t tar all Maori with the same brush. There are plenty of us that are honest, law abiding citizens that do contribute to the country. Maori culture or spiritualism had nothing to do with what this animal did. I wouldn’t start bringing historical issues into this or religion. There have been any number of atrocities committed by so called christian Europeans throughout history.

    Re: James. i am unsure what law you are referring to? Perhaps you are referring to anti-hate crime legislation. I am yet to see a court case where race has been a relevant issue at sentencing.

    Turning this into a race issue is quite convenient really. It allows a reaction of “oh it was a Maori..not our problem..” it is our problem – white, brown or otherwise.

  2. The perpetrator was maori and the victim was Caucasian. The racial difference means that a longer sentence must be given to the maori – when Helen Clark was PM she made a law for such purposes, where a perpetrator of one race commits a crime against a victim of a different race. Oh, only if the perpetrator is white and the victim is brown, of course.

  3. Mr Macdonald this crime had nothing to do with the colour of people’s skin (from what we saw of the photo of the accused his skin was the same colour as the police officer he was cuffed to, your theories instantly fall apart)

    The majority of people who live in Turangi are Maori and they’re good people with a great sense of community, giving generously to the European family and helping in any way they can. They are mortified that this has happened in their town.

    Instead perhaps you should be looking at the influence that patched gangs are having on society, the effects of social deprivation and what causes people to turn to crime.

    This is a problem that the whole of New Zealand needs to address, we suggest the first step is to eliminate racial stereotyping of both Pakeha and Maori, otherwise the country will never move forward.

  4. I saw the photo of the offende taken by a journalist from ;’The Herald” The evil man’s head had a towel over it and he is held by a policeman Yes, sir, sure enough, just as I said to my wife yesterday; I bet he will be Maori. He sure is . He is Maori. So we are getting part Maori bashing the daylights out of white children in New Zealand, in cold blood. they do it much like a mad dog would. This is not racist; its a fact.In the ODT an article said that Maori child abuse is 42 per 100,000. White New Zealand it is 11 per 100,000 and for the Asians here it is 9 per 100,000. Statistics are not racist Mr Sharples. There is so much made about Maori in this country, and how great they are and how they have been suppressed by the evil white man from Britain. Maori have become very arrogant. They are told in all state schools that the white man is bad, he is a thief who has stolen a huge foreshore property inheritance from the hardworking and 5 year old loving part Maori. Everywhere you go you get Maoridom shoved down your throat. It is presented as culture and superior and desirable. It is inferred we whites are rats and scum. Hatred is stirred up against us by these communist hate-filled people who write the garbage that infiltrates all of our schools under the guise of social studies. It is aroused against us by government. In what way has cannibalism and torture of captured fighting men of 17th century Maori inter- tribal battles contributed towards harmony between NZers and prosperity. Is Maoridom and their animalistic sadistic, violent video saturated youth, superior to Anglo-Saxon Judoe christian ethic. Our forefathers despite their faults brought the text, of “love thy neighbour” to these shores to a violent killing murdering race of brown people who were killing one another off. Our forefathers made a difference with their gosplel. Are they superior and more desirable?
    Does this ghastly wild dog mind come from the incrreasing pressure to acknowlege Maori spirits in schools and teachers college?
    What are the church leaders doing?
    I am so ashamed. I was driving home and heard this and started to weep liberally and I am a 58 year old male and have seen soem awful stuff during my life.

  5. It is beyond comprehension how anyone could commit that sort of atrocity to a child.
    Sadly the parents were irresponsible leaving two young children alone, and the little girl paid the price.
    New Zealand has too many crimes against children.
    Rape Murder and Abuse of children are daily occurrences in NZ and it’s time the punishment fitted the crime.
    These people have no conscience and no amends can ever be made for their crimes.
    Lethal injections would help rid us of a few and send a loud and clear message to those out their of the same ilk as the perpetrator.

    • We don’t believe that the parents were irresponsible for leaving them alone. If they’d had any doubts about their safety they would’ve stayed with them, or taken the children to the amenities block.

      Are you saying that New Zealand is so unsafe that children have to be guarded for every second? and what does that say about its suitability as a family holiday destination?

  6. New Zealand is too tolerant of gangs and gansterism. I lived there for 7 years before moving to Australia. In 18 month here I have not seen a single patched gangster. In New Zealand, they are everywhere. It’s time to introduce a 3 strikes law like that in the US and lock the scum up.

      • I haven’t a clue how gangs are dealt with here, I don’t see them and haven’t encountered any gangs while living in either Melbourne or Brisbane. We drove from Melbourne to Brisbane earlier this year & I never even saw a patched gang member. In New Zealand, they appeared to be everywhere.

  7. Like so many people in this world, I too am ashamed to be called a Kiwi. I’m sickened and so very frustrated by the state of our piss-poor justice system that continues to work it’s ass off to protect and pay for the shit-sacks that infect our society that ultimately leads to this sort of thing happening…not to mention the rest of the hideous crimes taking place here.

    My heart goes out to the family and that poor girl…not even the most primitive of creatures on our planet act in this way…there are no answers to the horror inflicted on this girl.

    Someone asked how they can help to start to make a difference in this country, and to be honest I’ve now decided that on my meagre wage I’m going to start donating some money to the Sensible Sentencing Trust (I’m not affiliated in any way).

    Sensible Sentencing Trust: http://www.safe-nz.org.nz/

    To me, they seem to be the only ‘engine’ in place setup to change the way our justice system works…perhaps the more support they have the less our government will continue to bend over backwards to serve the minority groups & human rights activists that seem to have all the clout in this country. Through them I feel we can probably start to gain momentum in the way this country deals with its criminals.

    My 2c. May all the love and peace of every compassionate heart in this world, of which there are many, be with that family.

    To every tourist contemplating NZ as a destination. Forget it.

  8. i agree with some of your comments shackleton & j pea, to start off ,like you said this should have NEVER EVER happened in the firstly,but lets not forget you arnt allowed to leave children at home alone under the age of 14,doors locked or unlocked.so why do it in a caravan/holiday park,with kids that young?
    i can say that my wife is now concerned and having second thoughts about us going away now with our kids in the caravan,to the holiday park where we have already booked and payed for for our xmas/new years holiday.thanks for that you piece of shit (whoever you are).
    secondly,to shakleton – one of us ALWAYS stays with them while the other does dishes,has a shower,doing washing or havin a sh#t etc…your child is not worth the risk of trusting something like this won’t happen no matter where you are day or night.it is the world we live in now.
    it is sick enough just thinking about it,let alone if it ends up being gang related to some fuckwit that did this to get excepted into the gang life to earn a patch.
    makes me sad to be a New Zealander and i can say its put a damper on my mood towards the xmas /holiday period for me personally.
    and i want to offer my house to them as a gettaway retreat to the family if they need it,from the 1st of jan thru to the 7th it is here for you to use,free.
    so anyone please let them know this and help them contact me thru this site.
    my thoughts are with you.

    • Thanks S

      In some countries people feel safe enough on campsites to take their eyes off their kids for a few minutes, the parents were just yards away from their caravan. Perhaps they let down their guard because they considered New Zealand to be a safe place?

      Take a look at the press reports about the attack, do you notice how many of them stress how safe it is usually? Its sad that even when presented with overwhelming evidence to the contrary the “Safe New Zealand” myth is still perpetuated. As long as this continues visitors will continue to be easy targets and we will continue to blog about it.

      • the news articles stress how safe it usually is and how nice the townspeopleare to make up for it, in a rush to balance this tragedy with positives (or rather, dilute its impact…?). The fact is, New Zealand is in denial that it has the same criminal problems as other countries do. It isn’t immune from them and has not been for a long time.

        If they would just admit it then they would hesitate to add FAMILY FRIENDLY to the marketing scripts. who would travel all that way to experience the same crime they have at home? rest assured it is a factor when deciding where to vacation, live or work

        Typical ad – very recent
        Short term and permanent positions available.

        Excellent remuneration, flexible working hours with minimal on-call, car supplied, generous CME allowances. Accommodation available.

        Many locations including Malborough, Central Otago, Dunedin, Christchurch, Auckland, Waiheke Island, Central North Island and Wellington.

        New Zealand offers wide open space, rivers, mountains, oceans, the best fishing and hiking anywhere in the world.

        Visit New Zealand’s clean, green, safe and family-friendly life where you can have the leisurely affordable lifestyle you and your family deserve.

        Imagine finishing a day’s work with a glass of local wine, looking across the glistening lakes or enjoying a BBQ with the locals, fishing with friends or simply enjoying a walk along the sandy shores.

        cr*p, all of it.

        • Good point Ozzie nurse, we have been advocating more honesty for New Zealand’s advertising for many years.

          The words safe and family friendly trip too easily off the tongue and those who write these scripts give little thought as to the validity of their statements.

  9. as a NZ’er and a mum I can’t imagine the horror that family is and will go through for years. My heart goes out to them, I for one don’t want to blame the parents or the camp ground, only the sick sick sick man who did this. I hope the family can find a way through this, will learn to smile again and know that there are many many many people here in nz who support them.

  10. Of course they should be able to.

    But did they let their guard slip because they believed that New Zealand is safe? Was one of their reasons for travelling in New Zealand because they thought it would make for a great safe family holiday with small children?

    Doesn’t it make you want to know what their perceptions were of New Zealand before they left Belgium?

  11. I bet I can give you a pretty accurate profile of that cretinous, foul child attacker-rapist in Turangi: YOUNG. MALE. MAORI.

    He will have a criminal record that prevents him migrating to Australia so we’re stuck with him here.

    I’m really, really tired of this exponentially increasingly violent element in our country.

    My sympathy to this little girl’s parents. Of course you should be able to leave children in a caravan while you go and catch up on laundry, cooking etc. without having to anticipate that some barbaric person will bludgeon your children and attempt to rape them.

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