Kiwi Dad Gets Around

Hat tip to  @pauljacobs4real  on Twitter who spotted the same actor playing Dad in the supermarket adverts for Countdown NZ and Woolworths Australia.

This is a screen shot from “Meet the Colemans” video from Countdown NZ. Here the actor is playing the part of Rob, he’s  married to Nikki and they  have children called Jess, Wills and baby Joshy.

Busy dad Rob

In Australia Rob has magically become ” Steve, that funny looking Kiwi guy” from school that Joanna used to go out with and  married. They are happy parents to Josh, Lachie and Emma. They shop at Woolworths. Here’s their screenshot.

Steve and Jo

Whilst he’s not consistent with his choice of name, country, wife or family at least Rob likes to shop at the same store and both he and Steve have a child called Josh. The ideal family life  as presented by advertisers seems to be reassuringly the same, which ever side of the Tasman you live on.

Or perhaps there is a deeper, more subliminal story here about trans Tasman migration? If you watch the Australian advert you’ll see that Kiwi Steve’s family are moving into their home in a new neighbourhood (country?) and their son is already looking at a job opportunity at the supermarket. The message won’t go un-noticed by Kiwis living in New Zealand.

Countdown NZ is owned by Woolworths, from Wikipedia

Countdown is a New Zealand full-service supermarket chain, owned by Woolworths Limited. Founded in 1981, Countdown is now the flagship brand of Progressive Enterprises, Woolworths’ New Zealand supermarket subsidiary, with 133 supermarkets across New Zealand. It is the nation’s second largest supermarket chain in terms of stores, one store behind New World’s 134 stores.

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