Moon Man Predicts Big Quake During World Cup Rugby

Ken Ring predicts large quake in Sept

With the first anniversary of the 4 September Christchurch earthquake fast approaching, amateur weather and earthquake predictor, Ken Ring, has forecast another big shake during the period 23-28th September.

Ken Ring, who uses the position of the moon to predict earthquakes claimed to have some success with his forecasts (read more on Wikipedia) He wrote on his website

“Christchurch should not rebuild yet, as a significant earthquake in September may be coming. Yes, they are dying down in numbers and regularity, but another big one is expected…”

He then went on to highlight all that needs to be fixed to before the cosmetic reconstruction should go ahead. (nb. Christchurch has suffered around 7,500 earthquakes since 4/11/2010 including  the  deadly magnitude 6.3 on  22 February and the 6.3 on 13 June)

“Rejuvenation of streets and structures is all too premature when there are still cold, scared families, some homeless and without foreseeable options. There are still children too poor to wear shoes in winter and families too proud to admit they cannot afford for their kids to have a breakfast. Before flash new public buildings, intended to look as though something is being done, we need decent basic housing and restoration of wellbeing and confidence. Compensation packages need bolstering before concrete columns. We need a sense that the people are being looked after. Children care not for the words and reassurances of smiling politicians when there is no food on tables or roofs overhead…”

Ring gave a warning about the possibility of further large quakes so that people can take the necessary precautions,  given his past successes many Cantabrians will be taking this very seriously.

This is what the locals are going to be paying heed to, if you’re travelling to the world cup you may like to pack a few extras, just in case. You can follow his tweets here: @Kenringweather

Earthquakes are moving further north

Earthquakes have recently been occurring more in the North island.Of above 4-mags for Christchurch, there were 9 in Jan, 77 in Feb, 23 in March, 10 in Apr, 10 in May, 42 in June, 7 in July and so far 5 in August. Over the past 8 months, for Christchurch, if they were evenly distributed there would have been 23 earthquake events per month. February saw three times this and Feb+March, the two months of the equinoctial period, accounted for 54% of the total. This also adds weight to the chance of a potent September for Christchurch, being the next equinox period (remember what happened last September?). Due to what I think is the southward drift of lunar perigees, earthquake events have moved from Christchurch since 30 April and 5-10% of all recorded seismic events in NZ have gone elsewhere

…Basically we need mostly to be the most cautious around the last week of September, associated with equinox and new moon in powerful perigee rising due east, adding to gravitational pull. It is the same 3-way lunar set-up as for last September’s quake. The last week in September is the period immediately following equinox (22nd) and stress will have built up that needs release. Around the end of September the very close new moon (as also happened 4 September) is potent, together with planetary combinations that include the next Mercury-Sun-Earth alignment that also occurred on 22 Feb and 13 June. The likelihood is great for seismic events around the globe.

Cup matches scheduled for those dates include

23rd – Australia vs. USA in Wellington

24th – New Zealand vs. France in Auckland; England vs. Romania in Dunedin,

25th – Argentina vs. Scotland in Wellington; Ireland vs. Russia in Rotorua; Fiji vs. Samoa in Auckland

26th Wales vs. Namibia in New Plymouth

27th – Canada vs. Japan in Napier; Italy vs. USA in Nelson;

28th – Georgia vs. Romania in Palmerston North

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Ken Ring’s Predictions – 20th March Quakes: (20 March 2011)

“Read about Ken Ring’s predictions and his side of the Campbell Live interview here

No ‘big’ earthquake for Christchurch on 20 March, although there was a shallow 5.1 aftershock at 9.47pm  that was felt widely in the South Island and the jolt was likened by some to the big quake of 22 February. It was the largest aftershock since the 22 February. See the first chart below.

There was also a magnitude 5 at 8.30pm in the Bay of Plenty and three large thumps near Twizel (2 x4.3 and a 4.6) near the southern end of the Alpine fault.

Was the 5.1 quake near Christchurch Ken Ring’s ‘big one’? One thing is for sure – it’s been an active 24 hours on the drum charts.

Update 25 March

A 5.4 quake rocked the Gisborne / Tokomaru Bay area this evening. Read more about it here….”

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After the 25 to 20 defeat of the All Blacks in Brisbane Whisper it … but England can win this World Cup, according to Luke Benedict blogging for the Daily Mail. Earthquakes allowing, obviously.

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