13 June Earthquake Upgraded To 6.3, Exodus Okayed

Stuff are reporting today that GNS has upgraded yesterday’s magnitude 6.0 earthquake to 6.3 and revised the depth to a more shallow 6 km.

Mayor Bob Parker told reporters that he wasn’t worried about a post-quake exodus from the city, he said that if people needed to leave, that would be the right decision for them and “we should support them in that.”

“The vast majority of people in this city love it,” he said. “We know we will get through this stage. We will rebuild our communities, some may not be in the same places though.” source

There is no mention of pledges today in Christchurch as the reality of these unrelenting quakes sinks in.

Stuff are running a poll on their website, asking who would leave if they could.

The results so far today show that the majority of people would like to leave Christchurch or want to go but but are tied by their home or job. A little over a third want to stay and a great many people do not know what to do.

Christchurch residents: Would you leave Christchurch if you could?

Yes, I am planning to leave 18.5%

I would leave if I could, but am tied by property or job  25.5%

I’m prepared to walk away from my house  3.3%

No, I don’t want to leave  37.5%

I don’t know what to do  15.2%

(1334 votes)


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