13 June Christchurch Earthquakes

Video and photographs of today’s multiple earthquakes near Christchurch, New Zealand. We expect a state of emergency to be declared in the city soon:

Big flood in Avondale


Liquefaction RAW footage 5


Liquefaction RAW footage 1


Flooding in Sharlick street & Avondale road


Liquefaction and damage


Woolley Street River


St johns latimer square christchurch


1 miniut after the 6.0 aftershock in CHCH


Is this a way of life for us now?




One thought on “13 June Christchurch Earthquakes

  1. In this short documentary made in 1996 the risks of a quake in Christchurch, and the likely effects are made very clear. Compare this with the results of the later quakes and the predictions match almost exactly.

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