Adios, No Mexican Wave For English Fans At Dunedin RWC Matches

fans will have to find another way to keep warm

The Mexican Wave is going to be banned at all RWC matches at Dunedin’s soon to be completed 30,000 seat stadium.

Parts of the new arena are only six metres from the playing surface, making it easy to throw things onto the field, police said.

“Fans often get the urge to do this during Mexican waves,” said Inspector Al Dickie of Dunedin police.

“If there is any nonsense we plan to deal with it quickly and firmly and make sure it doesn’t get out of hand,” Mr Dickie said in the latest issue of the police magazine Ten One. source

Fans are reminded that they are not there to enjoy themselves. Rugby isn’t a matter of life or death to New Zealanders, it’s far more important than that. If fans want to keep warm we advise them to pack their thermals. That’s if the stadium is finished on time.

England opens its world cup bid by playing Argentina at the venue on 10 Sept, Georgia on the 18th and Romania on 24th. Ireland plays Italy on 2 October

We’re waiting to see what the penalty is for blowing a Vuvuzela.