Wellywood Snub For Irish

The Wellygate debacle continues with another protagonist attracting attention to the sign, by raising the ire of the Irish.

Architect and mayor of Wellington from 1974 to 1983,  Sir Michael Fowler, obviously did not win his knighthood for international diplomacy

The Human Right’s Commission says it can’t take any action against inflammatory comments made by Sir Michael Fowler.

The former mayor of Wellington has said opponents to the Wellywood sign were likely to be dumb, humourless and Irish.

Those comments have sparked an outcry.

The Human Right’s Commission has received several calls from members of the public expressing their concern.

However spokesman Gilbert Wong says there’s nothing they can do about it…more here

Curiously, Sir Michael was responsible for Wellington’s other white elephant  – the Wellington International Passenger Terminal. In an interview he gave he said he was

“party to the biggest white elephant ever built”

Unfortunately white makes for an excellent canvas.

Ireland fans will be arriving in New Zealand for the rugby world cup in a few months from now. Wellington should start removing cans of emerald green paint from the shelves of its DIY barns.

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One thought on “Wellywood Snub For Irish

  1. Keep those knickers ON. Maybe he was only joking about Mr. McCormack of Opotiki, who was inadvertently inflated through his bum. However, his remark about the Irish is most likely just a truly cynical attempt to generate energy for the World Cup (that is, $$$) by waving a red flag in front of a folk notorious for blowing steam out their noses and charging before they think.

    Let’s hope the Irish pause to think about their own flagging economy first. Men and Women of Erin, keep your wallets away from Kiwi fingers, depriving the Boil at the End of the World from the only fuel that is keeping it from exploding – foreign cash infusions!

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