“Natural Standards”

From one of the team that brought you Beehave, Safetotell.net’s ‘John Key’ on national standards for schools

I didn’t inhale or exhale

My royal wedding photo album

Campbell Live parody


One thought on ““Natural Standards”

  1. http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1106/S00156/ncea-assessment-scandal-revealed.htm

    Press release from North & South magazine

    NCEA assessment scandal revealed
    NCEA markers and moderators are being told to “fudge the figures” for the Minister of Education, a shocked insider reveals in the July issue of North & South.

    The message to moderators was clear, says the veteran teacher and marker: fudge the figures or risk losing your jobs – and risk exposing massive flaws and unfairness in the way grades are awarded to students on their NCEA internal assessments.

    Scaling, cheating and manipulating marks… writer Deborah Coddington uncovers another sorry chapter in New Zealand’s troubled NCEA examination and internal assessment system.

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