Ken Ring’s Predictions – 20th March Quakes – updated

Read about Ken Ring’s predictions and his side of the Campbell Live interview here

No ‘big’ earthquake for Christchurch on 20 March, although there was a shallow 5.1 aftershock at 9.47pm  that was felt widely in the South Island and the jolt was likened by some to the big quake of 22 February. It was the largest aftershock since the 22 February. See the first chart below.

There was also a magnitude 5 at 8.30pm in the Bay of Plenty and three large thumps near Twizel (2 x4.3 and a 4.6) near the southern end of the Alpine fault.

Was the 5.1 quake near Christchurch Ken Ring’s ‘big one’? One thing is for sure – it’s been an active 24 hours on the drum charts.

Update 25 March

A 5.4 quake rocked the Gisborne / Tokomaru Bay area this evening. Read more about it here.

quakes recorded at McQueens Valley by 11:10 on 21 March


quakes recorded by 18:20 20 March at Wanaka

2 thoughts on “Ken Ring’s Predictions – 20th March Quakes – updated

  1. Look inside yourself. Feel your intuition guide you. The leaders of our country will only tell you what they want you to know. As for ken ring, I think its awesome that he shares his predictions, if anything he is guiding us by his intuition. Making us aware. This is what the scientific people should be doing, making us aware. They know more than they let on. Trust in yourself.

  2. If anything there has been a lessening of quakes in relation to Christchurch at present weekend…is this a building of tension before a big release?…..if nothing at all of any note occurs in the next couple of days….it will tend to indicate Mr Rings theories are unreliable…it is a case of wait and see…but the jury won’t be out for ever on the subject unless something substantial happens soon
    Mr Ring has laid it on the line for once and for all

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