Family Of Willy Joynson Wants Answers, Pike River Mine Explosion

An AAP report by Patrina Berry, published in the Sydney Morning Herald today said that the family of Australian miner, Willy Joynson, missing in the Pike River Mine disaster, is demanding answers about the explosion at the mine:

“Mr Joynson’s cousin Russell Joynson says operators will face some tough questions about why dangerous levels of gas were not detected before Friday’s blast.

“This should never have happened. There are some pretty serious questions that will be asked of their monitoring system,” Mr Joynson, who has worked in mines for 25 years, told AAP on Thursday.

“With the equipment available today this could have been prevented.”

He said that if gas levels at the Pike River Coal Mine near Greymouth had been constantly monitored the disaster might never have happened…

Willy Joynson age 49, is from Maryborough in southern Queensland. Another Queenslander Josh Ufer, 25, from Townsville also went missing in the mine after the blast on Friday and are presumed dead after the second explosion at the mine yesterday.

Three other foreign nationals are also missing in the mine.

Earlier today we blogged about safety concerns at the mine. Andrew Watson, of the UK’s Mines Rescue Safety Training Service, suggested that either the warning system at the mine was inadequate or it wasn’t being properly monitored.

It is thought that above ground personnel first learned of Friday’s explosion two hours after it had occurred, when two survivors Daniel Rockhouse and Russell Smith walked out and raised the alarm.

There have also reports of the NZ government refusing to re-instate a system of on-site mine safety inspectors.

A recent report on RadioNZ said that the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union called for the system to be re-introduced after it was scrapped in the the early 1990s, saying it provided vital protection for mine workers.

An international mine safety adviser, David Feickert, said the system is still in place in Australia and Britain, where they have a lower level of incidents.

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