Hobbit Legislation Makes New Zealand Look “Braindead”

New Zealand’s Green party have spoken out against the recently hastily passed legislation that was introduced as a knee jerk reaction in a desperate effort to keep the Hobbit Films in New Zealand.

In a press release issued today the Greens said:

National’s legislation makes NZ look Braindead

National’s legislation to appease Warner Brothers is braindead and will send all workers in the film industry back to the days of the Employment Contracts Act, Green Party Co-leader Russel Norman said today.

The Green Party is opposing National’s Employment Relations (Film Production Work) Amendment Bill. The legislation is being debated in Parliament under urgency after meetings between Prime Minister John Key and representatives of Warner Brothers regarding filming the Hobbit movie franchise in New Zealand.

“The Green Party is delighted that the Hobbit will be filmed in New Zealand,” said Dr Norman.

“It is however unacceptable that the Key Government is introducing legislation that means all New Zealand workers in the film industry could soon be ‘independent contractors‘.

“This legislation has been thrown together in a matter of days to placate the executives of Warner Brothers.

“The Key Government has taken this action despite assurances from the NZ Council of Trade Unions that there would be no industrial action on the Hobbit movies.

By attacking the CTU and not accepting its assurances John Key has effectively undermined New Zealand’s negotiating position prior to his discussions with Warner Brothers,” said Dr Norman.

“The actions taken by John Key have threatened New Zealand’s economic and parliamentary sovereignty.

“For these reasons the Green Party will be opposing this legislation all the way.”

Link to the Bill: http://www.parliament.nz/en-NZ/PB/Legislation/Bills/0/1/9/00DBHOH_BILL10 433_1-Employment-Relations-Film-Production-Work-Amendment.htm

One thought on “Hobbit Legislation Makes New Zealand Look “Braindead”

  1. The most difficult aspect about events like this, for American migrants in New Zealand,is that blame will be placed on Americans for being money grubbing, because they are forcing the poor noble Kiwis to hop to their dirty money tune. Kiwis won’t blame themselves for being unrealistic, or take it in stride as the downside of living in a small remote country dependent on the rest of the world to maintain certain standards. They’ll just resent Americans all the more. Americans, don’t come to New Zealand. Please. When your money is gone and you are in the same boat they are, you’re still an American to them, and responsible for everything your birthplace does.

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