Christchurch Earthquakes – “2,000 Homes Uninhabitable”

The repercussions of the 4 Sept earthquake in Christchurch and the surrounding area are set to be felt far longer than the multiple smaller quakes that have plagued and scared residents since ‘the big one.’

September earthquakes in & around Christchurch

A contributor to the Trademe forum left the following message on Thursday 14 October, saying that some homes are unlikely to be connected to a working sewerage system for another 12-18 months, meanwhile house are suffering further damage with each quake (of which there have been thousands)

2000 houses deemed uninhabitable and 5,000 homes estimated to cost more than 100,000 to repair and 50,000 homes have damage assessed as costing between 10,000 and 100,000 to fix.

About 5,000 homes were uninsured.

Suburbs like Brooklands, Pinebeach, karaka beach are unlikely to be connected to a working sewage system for 12 months and residents of avonside could have to wait 18 months to be connected.

Corporate and public donations to The Salvation Army Canterbury Earthquake appeal now total more than $2.2 million.

They now provide assistance of up to $500 to each family impacted by the quake to help make Christmas less stressful. Also under consideration are grants for household items for those who have lost property in the quake, and relocation assistance for families and the elderly. 7000 Care packages, containing food, cleaning and hygiene items, confectionary and information on available services have been distributed by WestPac and the Sallies in the worst hit areas.


  • omaria.. can I ask where you found about Brooklands sewerline? I had heard the 12 months thing and had hoped it was wrong.. omg! imagine the stink from the portaloos in the height of summer..
  • I think it was in the Star last week, that many houses in Avonside are getting septic tanks….. from the Christchurch City council…. i would think that would be the same for many folks further out
  • oh yes I saw that actually.. no we’re surrounded by portaloo’s, we’ve bought a camp toilet for night time use and have paid for our own portaloo so we’re ok.., haven’t heard them talk about septic tanks out here, actually our old one which isnt in use has risen about 6 inches out of the lawn ..
  • I’d take those numbers with a grain of salt. I know our house was deemed ‘safe’ but needed repairs 2 weeks after the 7.1, now with every little movement (mainly from passing freight trains) the house is seperating from everything. I’m fairly sure ours will be a demolision job by the end of the year if no reinforcing is done.

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The release of a geotechnical report for the area is still being waited on, it has been “due next week” for some time.

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..the owners of some earthquake damaged houses in the Christchurch area will receive no compensation for the drop in value of their homes.

The situation is leaving some people with mortgages that are greater than the value of their homes.

To add insult to injury many of them are finding it impossible to get insurance cover for damaged homes that were built on remediated land – effectively making their properties worthless…

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  1. I love the part about the care packages etc for the worst hit areas. I live in Brooklands, and although we are still in our house we will have to have it torn down and rebuilt – whenever… and have never seen a care package yet. Guess I don’t qualify?

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