Racist Henry Digs Deeper Hole

Despite offering a weak and feeble apology this morning to the general public for not intending to sound racist, Paul Henry has dug a deeper hole for himself by making disparaging remarks about the status of European Gypsies, who are currently being persecuted in France.

From today’s NZ Herald:

Henry apologised yesterday if he caused any offence  but did not say sorry for the substance. This morning he went a little further.

“I am sincerely sorry if I seemed disrespectful to him (Sir Anand), that was not what I intended and I certainly didn’t intend to sound racist.

Is he trying to say that he is racist, but didn’t intend to come across as such?

It was wrong for me to ask the questions that I did.”

Henry said Sir Anand’s background was far more “dignified” than his own.

“Most people think that I am British but the truth is much, much worse than that, like the Governor-General I was born in New Zealand but, however, I am at least half what they colloquially call in Europe a gippo (gypsy).

“So let me make it quite clear I will never apologise for causing outrage, however, I will, and do apologise for causing real hurt and upset to anyone, no matter what their background, who works to make this country a better country

What about people outside of NZ who are offended by his remarks? What of the international students who, believing that NZ is a country free of racsim, want to go there to study?

“So in that spirit I apologise unreservedly to Sir Anand and his family, he is a very distinguished man I am a gippo television presenter.”

This apology doesn’t go anywhere near as far as it should and TVNZ should be ashamed for not thoroughly condemning Henry’s remarks yesterday, instead saying he’d said what NZ people “quietly think but are scared to say out loud”.

Furthermore John Key, who is both the Minister for Tourism and Prime Minister, failed to take Henry to task for his offensive remarks, preferring to laugh it off with a joke.

In the Dom Post:

TVNZ has come under attack for failing to condemn controversial presenter Paul Henry’s on-air claim that Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand does not look and sound Kiwi enough.

Labour broadcasting spokesman Brendon Burns said the Breakfast host should be taken off air for the “racist and offensive” comments, made during his regular Monday chat with the prime minister. John Key also came under fire for not challenging Henry…”

We liked John Drinnan’s don’t blame the organ grinder, blame to monkey article for the Herald in which he roundly condemned TVNZ for the cynical use of Henry’s racist comments to boost publicity and profits, and for saying what we all know to be intrinsically true about New Zealand:

“… Henry’s comments betray a very small town New Zealand – not a place like Auckland with people from multiple ethnic backgrounds. The outrageous message is clear from state TV – you might be born in New Zealand, or have lived here 20 years, but if you look different you are not a New Zealander…”

The time is long overdue for Henry to go. A Facebook page, calling for him to be sacked may be found here

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  1. I guarantee you that Henry will be reborn as a child with congenital handicaps in rural Bangladesh. Karma, Henry. Karma.

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