Paul Henry Suspended

NZPA News has tweeted:

TVNZ has suspended Breakfast host Paul Henry without pay. He will return on air on Oct 18.

This looks like a token effort by TVNZ to take the heat off themselves after they failed to publicly condemn Henry’s comments yesterday.

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6 thoughts on “Paul Henry Suspended

  1. He’s been allowed to push the boundaries for far too long and has become emboldened as his ratings have increased to the point where it appears that he thought he could get away with say anything he wanted to.

    He was not sanctioned for the remarks he make about Sheila Dikshit, which shows how accepting the NZ public is of overt racism when it’s applied to foreigners.

  2. He’s very immature. Like an annoying class clown of the nasty jerk sort in your classroom who tries to get away with things when there is a substitute teacher. Also, if he’s not a pothead, he sure acts like one. I turn the TV off the minute I see him. He should be on late night radio instead.

    The Kiwis really love him though. All I have heard them talking about is bring him back. So if that’s what the people want, why force someone classier on them or try to shame them into sacking him. If he speaks for this exquisite people – then let him.

    • People from overseas need to take their cues from him as a representative marker of the kind of socially mobile individual they are likely to meet in great numbers: glib talkers with very little proof to back up their claims, evasive and superficial along with the habits of a relational aggressor.
      In a small country some people get ahead by making sure others are considered so hopeless (through rumours) that they look like a great candidate by comparison eventhough their own suitability for the task is not apparent.
      e.g. former student political party representatives (that actively suppress and censor questioning of political candidates) working as educators to mold the minds of the young to be curious and ask questions.

  3. No matter how popular or ‘bright commentator’ Paul Henry is, no matter that he may represent a large percent of the population as far as what they really think but do not express as openly as he does, he should go somewhere less public where the surroundings would not require an integrity of the mind,personality and intelligence. He may be one of those who may never have bad intentions but whose tongue works faster than his brain. He obviously cannot bit his ‘jocular’ tongue when the sense of what’s appropriate and what’s not demands to be tactful and perceptive.

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