Another Missing Woman

Another young woman has gone missing in New Zealand, her disappearance is the latest in a number of similar disappearances.

Carmen Thomas, 32, a mother to a five year old son, lived in Remuera. She was last seen in Auckland on 1 July 2010, her car was spotted in Hamilton a few days later and police towed it away on 13 July.

Her personal belongings and cash were found in the vehicle and police say her mobile phone was used a few times up until last week when it stopped.

Last month Jiayi Li (also known as Kiko) also disappeared from Auckland. Her car was found in Hamilton 10 days later after police released a description of it to the public. Her body was found soon afterwards and police arrested two men for her murder.

In May the body of Marice McGregor was found after she disappeared whilst collecting pine cones in Lismore Forest. She’d  suffered head injuries and a man has been arrested in connection with her death.

As yet there is no news about the fate of another woman, Emma Campbell, who disappeared near Christchurch at the beginning of May.

In January Jun Nan Tang (aka Lucy Tang) went missing from her Henderson home in Auckland after she left for Hamilton to look for childcare work.

In 2008, 39 year old Belinda Wilson disappeared into thin air whilst walking to the dairy to buy groceries in Titirangi, Auckland. Her body was found in very dense bushland some weeks later.

Then, in August 2009 an unnamed woman went missing in Taupo, police looked for her for three days before calling off the search and referring her disappearance to the coroner.

Also in August 2009 Korean mother Yoon Suk Chun (aka Jessica Chun) went missing after she left Christchurch for a short holiday in Northland, she hasn’t been seen since.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Carmen Thomas, we hope she’s found and returned safely to them.