German Tourist Mugger Given Community Detention

A 17 year old youth from Nelson has escaped with just a community sentence after mugging  a German tourist:

A 17-year-old Nelson youth who robbed a German tourist of an iPod has been sentenced to six months community detention for his part in the crime.

Josiah Atutahi Henare was sentenced in the Nelson District Court yesterday after earlier pleading guilty to aggravated robbery of the 20-year-old tourist.

According to the summary of facts, Henare saw the victim in the Church Hill area on March 10 and believed he would be a suitable robbery target because he was wealthy.  Henare met up with two friends at Fairfield Park and devised a plan to rob the victim.

When the victim walked five metres past the group, Henare pushed the man causing him to stumble into bushes.

Henare then told the man to give him everything including his wallet, iPod and shopping bag.

The victim did as he was told and the group took his property to St Joseph’s School to search.

Judge Stephen Harrop said the iPod had sentimental value to the tourist as it contained his music and was given to him by his host family in the United States. Judge Harrop said the victim was traumatised by the assault and no longer felt safe walking around Nelson…”

So much for getting tough on the thugs that specifically target ‘wealthy’ tourists in New Zealand. And what of the other two thugs?

“Henare came from a very good family which made his offending surprising and disappointing. Henare had started associating with the wrong people after getting into cannabis.”

Shame his “very good family” didn’t keep him off the cannabis and away from the “wrong” people, where were they when he was out thieving?

It makes no difference to the tourist what sort of family the kid came from, the end result would have been the same for him. What sort of message does this send out to other young thugs in the community….mug someone and you’ll get off if you come from the right side of the tracks?