Armed Robbery Sparks Armed Offenders Call Out In Flatbush

We’ve heard that an alleged armed robbery in Point Chevalier sparked off a Armed Offenders Squad call out to an address in Caserta Place, Flatbush, South Auckland.

The entrance to Caserta Place

According to 3News

“The Armed Offenders Squad was called to a Manukau address today after police pursued a man fleeing an aggravated robbery.

Police were called to a TAB in the Auckland suburb of Point Chevalier, after reports of an armed hold up.

The offender fled the scene in a stolen car and then allegedly switched vehicles before arriving at an address in Caserta Place, Manukau

Police tracked the man in a helicopter, the AOS were then called to the Manukau address…”

Other reports say that a man was holed-up in the house and surrounded by armed police, and that the robbery had taken place in Joker’s Bar.

This is just one of many armed robberies that have plagued New Zealand over the past few years as the country suffers more and more from violent crime. It was followed shortly afterward by a robbery at an ANZ bank in Avonhead, which left staff traumatised.


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